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Articles tagged with: Smart Lighting Control

Thinking About Automated Window Treatments and Lighting for Your Home?

It’s Essential to Bring Your Local Lutron Dealer in Early in the Process

Thinking About Automated Window Treatments and Lighting for Your Home?

Are you building or remodeling a home in Kennesaw, GA? If so, you are likely considering a myriad of options regarding how you want your home to look and feel. From colors, finishes, flooring, appliances, hardware, and more, you have much to consider and decide.

One area that should also be considered early in the project is the integration of home automation features like lighting control and motorized shades. Both of these work hand in hand to help you make the most of natural lighting, add to your home's aesthetic appeal, and as a bonus, make it more efficient.

If you are considering these smart home features, you should consider one of the premier names in managing and controlling light – Lutron. Lutron has an enviable array of options for lighting control in the home. To get the best aesthetic and functional results for your home, it’s essential to bring in a Lutron dealer like GHT Group early into your project. Let’s explore why below.

Reimagine Your Outdoor Lighting with FX Luminaire

With Luminaire Luxor, the Possibilities Are Endless

Reimagine Your Outdoor Lighting with FX Luminaire

Chances are you already have some outdoor lighting on your property. It may light the driveway, a pathway, and perhaps some of your landscape. On these pages, we have written extensively about how lighting can create a whole new look for your home, inside and out. With landscape lighting, you can totally change the character of your property after dark.

Outdoor lighting design is part art and part science. The art is hiring an expert outdoor lighting company that knows all the proper techniques and tricks of the trade that add panache to your property after sunset. The science comes in using the right lighting systems that provide the tools to make it happen. GHT Group is excited to work with FX Luminaire Luxor, an advanced outdoor lighting system that offers simple installation and fantastic flexibility to design dramatic nightscapes for your Cumming, GA property. Read on to learn more about the Luxor system!

Four Innovative Ways to Use a Whole Home Lighting Control System

Smart Lighting Is More than Mere Convenience

Four Innovative Ways to Use a Whole Home Lighting Control System

Some people may think that smart home technology is just about convenience. Without question, convenience is a real benefit, but it's not the only one. Smart lighting is not just about giving you an app to dim and control your lights from wherever. It's about letting you have complete control over lighting to make your home more beautiful, energy-efficient, luxurious, and even healthier.

You might also think that intelligent lighting is a great feature to have for just one area in your home. Perhaps you want smart control for your main living area or your outside lights. But we say, why not go all the way? With a whole-home lighting control system, you can open up another world of possibilities for your Woodstock, GA home. Let's look at four ways you can leverage the power of intelligent lighting control.

Make Florida Nights Glow with Landscape Lighting

Let a Local Landscape Lighting Company Light Up Your Nights

Make Florida Nights Glow with Landscape Lighting

If you’re fortunate enough to live in the coastal Florida Panhandle area, you know how you can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle all year round. Whether your Destin home is a winter escape from the North or your all-season home, sunshine and beautiful starry nights are abundant.

Given Florida's easy outdoor climate, you'll want your home to look as distinguished on the outside as it is inside. Don't let your home's beauty diminish at night; highlight it with outdoor lighting. You can emphasize your home's best features and create a safer, more picturesque ambiance to enjoy your patio, pool, and outside space. The best way to illuminate your outdoor living is with the help of a professional landscape lighting company like GHT Group to design the right plan and bring simplified control and automation to your lighting. Read on to learn more.