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Articles tagged with: Smart Lighting Control

Outdoor Lighting for Safety: 4 Tried and True Techniques

A Properly Lit Home is a Safer One

Outdoor Lighting for Safety: 4 Tried and True Techniques

Just like you might feel a little wary of a very dark parking lot when retrieving your car late at night, a dark home might make visitors take pause. But a dark home might be just the invitation for would-be intruders or vandals. So how do you remedy either situation? A good outdoor lighting plan can make your property both safer and more inviting.

As experts in home technology from entertainment to automation, GHT Group is also your local, expert outdoor lighting company in Atlanta. Outdoor lighting is just one element of a multipronged approach to home safety and security with smart video surveillance, alarms, and home automation. Let’s explore four tried and true methods for designing outdoor lighting for safety. And remember that GHT Group can integrate outdoor lighting into a comprehensive solution for a safer Georgia home! 

5 Unique Lighting Techniques to Showcase Your Landscape

Our Landscape Lighting Company Can Create the Perfect Design for Your Property

5 Unique Lighting Techniques to Showcase Your Landscape

Your home might be the top showstopper in the neighborhood by day, but what happens to its appeal when the sun goes down? Without a proper landscape lighting design, your distinguished property disappears into the night, only to be outshined by neighboring homes.

Work with a local landscape lighting company like GHT Group to win the gazes of passersby with unique lighting techniques that highlight your pathways, walls, gardens, trees, and more. Below are five unique landscape lighting techniques that are sure to add a spark to your Santa Rosa Beach, FL property.

What to Look for in an Outdoor Lighting Company

Choose Your Outdoor Lighting Partner Carefully

What to Look for in an Outdoor Lighting Company

As an integrator of a wide array of home technology, including security, lighting control, whole-home automation, and audio-video systems, GHT Group has invested heavily in acquiring the skills, infrastructure, and industry brands to deliver the best solutions across all these areas. And in the past, we’ve told you about what to look for in a smart home company or a home theater installer because we think we've differentiated ourselves from the pack to bring you the best possible customer experience.

While we’ve always worked with lighting both inside and outside the house, we have put a special emphasis on this growth area in the past few years, as LED lighting and more powerful control systems have become an important part of home technology upgrades. We think all our experience in home technology makes us the ideal partner for all your lighting needs, indoors or out. It might be a little self-serving (it is our blog after all), but we’d like to tell you some of the things you should look for in an outdoor lighting company for your Marietta, GA project. Ultimately, it’s your choice, and we hope you choose GHT Group when you’re ready to move forward!

Thinking About Automated Window Treatments and Lighting for Your Home?

It’s Essential to Bring Your Local Lutron Dealer in Early in the Process

Thinking About Automated Window Treatments and Lighting for Your Home?

Are you building or remodeling a home in Kennesaw, GA? If so, you are likely considering a myriad of options regarding how you want your home to look and feel. From colors, finishes, flooring, appliances, hardware, and more, you have much to consider and decide.

One area that should also be considered early in the project is the integration of home automation features like lighting control and motorized shades. Both of these work hand in hand to help you make the most of natural lighting, add to your home's aesthetic appeal, and as a bonus, make it more efficient.

If you are considering these smart home features, you should consider one of the premier names in managing and controlling light – Lutron. Lutron has an enviable array of options for lighting control in the home. To get the best aesthetic and functional results for your home, it’s essential to bring in a Lutron dealer like GHT Group early into your project. Let’s explore why below.