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Articles in Category: Motorized Outdoor Shades Watercolor, FL

GHT Group offers custom indoor and outdoor motorized shade solutions in WaterColor and the Florida Panhandle area. 

Why Motorized Outdoor Shades are Perfect for Florida Why Motorized Outdoor Shades are Perfect for Florida

How to Get the Most from Your Patio in WaterColor

We write prolifically about motorized shading on these blog pages and why they are particularly useful in Florida. You might be wondering, how are outdoor motorized shades useful? We're glad you asked, or at least hope you're wondering. 

Motorized outdoor shades can serve some of the same functions as indoor window treatments, but they also add a new dimension to patios, decks, and other outdoor areas on your WaterColor property. Stay with us below as we look at some ways you can use shades outdoors to create more comfortable and useful spaces.