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Articles in Category: Security Camera Installation

A security camera installation can both protect your home as well as let you keep an eye on everything important to you. Learn about the latest solutions here.

What Are the Best Locations to Install Security Cameras?

Tips on Placement for Keeping Your Home Safe

What Are the Best Locations to Install Security Cameras?

Today’s smart security cameras and systems are an excellent way to keep an eye on your home. Motion sensing and other advanced features can instantly alert you to unexpected visitors, intrusions, or potential problems.

As with many things related to safety and security, the right security camera installation is critical for a system to provide the safety benefits you are looking for in your Alpharetta, GA home. Where you place your cameras might be the difference between averting an issue versus finding out about it when it’s too late to act. Keep reading below for some practical tips on security camera placement to keep your home and property safer.

Monitor Your Home from Anywhere with a Security Camera System

Always Know What’s Happening at Home

Monitor Your Home from Anywhere with a Security Camera System

Life is hectic, and sometimes we forget. We forget to close the garage door when rushing to work and getting kids to school. We don’t recall if we locked the back doors to the patio. And if things were really hectic, we might not remember if we turned off a gas fireplace or burner.

Is there a way to have another set of eyes and ears looking after your house when no one is home? That’s where a security camera installation for your Buckhead, GA home can help. With today’s smart cameras, you can monitor your home from anywhere that you can connect to the internet. 

Today’s smart security cameras are packed with features to make it easy to worry less and get peace of mind that everything is OK at home. And when it’s not OK, you’ll be the first to know to take the appropriate action. Read on to learn more!

5 Things to Know About Installing Home Security Cameras

No. 1 - They’re Not All the Same

5 Things to Know About Installing Home Security Cameras

Once upon a time, security cameras in residences were something you’d only see in very high-end properties. If you’re reading this, you likely are familiar with many brands of consumer security cameras like Nest, Ring, Arlo, and more. The high-end systems are still there, and they generally provide more surveillance features than the typical consumer products.

Why install security cameras? The primary driver tends to be for safety, but with modern advanced features, there are many other good reasons to have them. The latest models can detect motion and sound, can see in the dark, and can even discern between cars, animals, and humans. Your security cameras can help keep an eye on pets and kids, and also check in with elderly family members at home.

Features abound in both consumer and professional-level products. What should you look for in the security camera installation for your Atlanta, GA home? Read on to learn more.