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GHT Group is a Control4 Pinnacle Dealer and leading Control4 home automation integrator in Smyrna, GA and metro Atlanta. We have all you need in smart home technology.


Product Overview: The New Control4 Neeo Remote Product Overview: The New Control4 Neeo Remote

The Neeo Remote is a Must-Have Upgrade for your Control4 Home Automation System

Remote controls can be valuable tools, but sometimes they’re frustrating to use. There’s nothing worse than a powerful and capable new AV device with a poorly designed remote control – it detracts from the experience, whether you’re trying to control your home theater, operate automated lights, or listen to music. 

Control4 is a leading home automation company, and they've made control systems for AV devices and practically anything else with an on/off switch for over 15 years. The company recently took everything they've learned about controlling devices and packaged it into a brand new remote control experience that is sure to please everyone in your Smyrna home.

The new Control4 remote is called the Neeo, and it is a marvel of design and ergonomics. Is this the remote you’ve been seeking for the Control4 home automation system in your home? Read on to find out!

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