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Sonance Invisible Series speakers leave no trace of their existence save for the incredible sound they produce in the room. Learn more about them here!

Sonance Invisible Speakers: Designed for Sound, Not Distraction Sonance Invisible Speakers: Designed for Sound, Not Distraction

Sonance Makes the Speaker Disappear

Sometimes you want to see a speaker, and sometimes you don’t. In your listening room, you might have a beautifully sculpted and finished pair of Focal transducers, and they look as good as they sound. In the listening room, the Focals are part of the decor as much as the classically styled Macintosh gear that powers them. 

But let's move on to the living room, dining room, and kitchen in your Milton, GA home. Do you really want to see speakers there? Not likely, since they don't quite fit with the ambiance. Of course, architectural speakers can do the job of sound in these rooms, fitting neatly into the walls and ceilings. But let's take it a step further. Your interior designer (or partner) is adamant that no trace of a speaker be visible in these rooms, and that includes grills. What to do, then? That's where Sonance invisible speakers come in. Keep reading below to see how these speakers bring the sound without leaving a visual footprint.