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No-See-Um Speakers for Home Audio

You Can’t See ‘Em But You Can Feel the Sound from These Speakers

No-See-Um Speakers for Home Audio

Unfortunately for the Atlanta area, our humid southern climate is a breeding ground for those pesky biting insects dubbed no-see-ums. Also called Biting Midges they are the ones that bite, but you can't see them to avoid it.

What does this have to do with home audio? Stick with us for the analogy here. We have many customers that love great music and top-notch sound quality. For them, we carry an excellent array of speakers like Bowers & Wilkins, the Klipsch Heritage line, and more. Many of these customers love the look of speakers and make them an integral part of their room’s décor. Indeed, some of these speakers are quite large and are meant to be prominently displayed.

Other customers love great audio but don't want speakers – no matter how exquisitely finished – as part of the room furnishings. Of course, architectural speakers have been around for many years with in-ceiling and in-wall models that offer great sound with no intrusions on floor space. Typically, those speakers have paintable grills to match a wall or ceiling finish to be very unobtrusive.

And then there are customers whose interior design demands even more stealth from a home audio installation, because even painted grills are too much. These customers prefer the speaker to virtually disappear. We’ll call these speakers no-see-ums, because you may not see them, but you will definitely hear the sound quality.


Read on for more about two no-see-um speaker lines for your home audio installation in Dunwoody.

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Sonance Invisible Series

Sonance is the pioneer of architectural home audio speakers. The company's origin dates back to 1983, at a time when virtually all speakers came in a box-like design. One of Sonance’s goals is to create products designed to disappear, and arguably, they've been doing just that with multiple lines of architectural and outdoor speakers that virtually disappear into their environments.

Sonance calls their Invisible Series the ultimate expression in architectural audio. This line of speakers goes beyond paintable or flush grills; they can be finished over with the surrounding surface. The Invisible Series speakers can be covered with up to 1/8 inch of flexible material such as plaster, wallpaper, faux-finish paint and wood veneer. These speakers really do disappear into the wall and are specifically designed to emanate quality sound through the finish.

They are ideal for any room where you want music or audio but don't want to see the speaker itself. Going one step further, to keep the sound from bleeding through the wall to an adjacent room or space, Sonance offers optional enclosures to address that possibility.


Stealth Acoustics

This aptly named company has been perfecting the art of speakers that look like something else entirely or not like any speaker you’ve ever seen. The Image Art speakers and subwoofers are not entirely invisible, but they hide in plain sight. These wall-mountable speakers are wrapped with factory laminated images that come from stock photography or your own photos. They also come in white which can be finished to match any décor.

Moving on to the true no-see-um options, Stealth Acoustics offers the LineaResponse line, which are audio enthusiast-grade invisible speakers in their own enclosures. There are both full-range models and invisible subwoofers, so audio lovers give up nothing in sound quality. When properly installed, these speakers fit flush with the wall and can be taped, mudded and sanded like drywall to allow it to be finished to blend with its surroundings. How do they perform? The top model, the LRX-85, has bass response down to 35hz from dual 8-inch woofers and is designed for critical listening and home theater applications.


If high-performance invisible speakers are the “no-see-um” home audio look you crave for your Dunwoody residence, GHT Group can handle every aspect of the installation. Give us a call at (770) 955-8909, visit our Marietta showroom, complete our online contact form, or click the chat button below to immediately connect with us. We look forward to working with you.

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