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Articles in Category: Outdoor Speaker System Smyrna, GA

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Need an Instant Outdoor Speaker System with Great Sound? Need an Instant Outdoor Speaker System with Great Sound?

The New Sonos Move Easily Goes Everywhere You Need Brilliant Sound

When Georgia Home Theater talks about outdoor speaker systems for your Smyrna home, we are usually describing something more elaborate than a single wireless speaker. We humbly submit that if you want to make your patio or backyard rock like an outdoor concert at Piedmont Park, we can make that happen, even at the risk of drawing the ire of your neighborhood.

However, sometimes all you need is clear, punchy and dynamic sound wherever you are, plus the ability to listen to whatever music strikes the mood. All the better if that sound can move with you seamlessly from the backyard to the garage and to the tailgate party.

That’s where the brand-new Sonos Move comes in. Sonos is known for wireless speakers, but this one has a couple of new twists. First, this is Sonos' first Bluetooth speaker, so you can connect any Bluetooth device as a music source - no Wi-Fi required. Second, the speaker is battery-powered, so it can go anywhere - no power plug required.

What else makes it special? It’s made by Sonos, and that adds features that Sonos does uniquely well. Keep reading for more details and why it may be your perfect starter or extension to your outdoor speaker system.