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Unseen and Unparalleled: Sonance Visual Experience Speakers Unseen and Unparalleled: Sonance Visual Experience Speakers

Sonance Takes a Leap Forward in Audio Performance and Aesthetic Integration

Discerning homeowners in Birmingham have always prized a blend of aesthetic beauty and innovative functionality in their living spaces. The challenge of integrating high-quality audio without disrupting the carefully curated architecture and decor can sometimes be a difficult compromise. With the new Sonance Visual Experience Series, a symphony of design and sound comes together, virtually eliminating the compromise. Sonance speakers have always set the standard in architectural audio, and with the Visual Experience Series, they've outdone themselves. Drawing from decades of Sonance expertise in architectural speakers, this series marks a transformative advancement from the celebrated Visual Performance line. It allows Alabama homeowners to experience unmatched audio fidelity that complements their home's design—seamlessly weaving the extraordinary into the fabric of everyday life. Explore more about the Sonance Visual Experience line below. 

Two Ways to Upgrade Your High-End Audio System Two Ways to Upgrade Your High-End Audio System

Focal and McIntosh Elevate the Listening Experience

For the passionate audio enthusiast in Birmingham, AL, the pursuit of the ultimate high-end audio system is more than a hobby—it's a lifelong journey. It's a journey that's not just about reaching a destination but savoring every note, every beat, and every cinematic moment along the way. If you're on this quest, you've likely heard of Focal and McIntosh, two brands that epitomize acoustic excellence. Let's explore how these brands can take your two-channel listening experience to new heights.

5 Ways to Improve the Sound of a High-End Audio System 5 Ways to Improve the Sound of a High-End Audio System

Do You Need an Upgrade?

For the discerning audio lover in Birmingham, AL, the quest for perfect sound never ends. As an audio enthusiast, you know that the right equipment makes all the difference. GHT Group, a leading provider of high-end audio systems, including Focal speakers and components from Naim and McIntosh, is here to guide you on this journey. But enhancing your audio experience isn't always about buying new gear. Here are five ways to improve the sound of your high-end audio system. And if you do need an upgrade, you’re at the right place!

What to Know about Ceiling Speaker Systems What to Know about Ceiling Speaker Systems

Ceiling Speakers Can Provide the Audio Quality You Want, Unobtrusively

If you’re a music lover, you know the importance of good sound quality. You don’t necessarily have to be a hi-fi enthusiast to appreciate high-quality sound, and you probably don’t want to fuss with an overly complex audio system. A ceiling speaker system is a great way to get the audio quality you want, and it’s easy to have it available across your entire home to maximize your musical enjoyment. Here’s what to know about ceiling speakers and what they can do for your Buckhead, GA home. 

Looking for Unobtrusive, Great Sounding Ceiling Speakers? Looking for Unobtrusive, Great Sounding Ceiling Speakers?

James Small Aperture Speakers Deliver Big Sound from Small Openings

Are you a stickler for design? Are you not a fan of compromises? When integrating technology into your space, you can sometimes compromise on looks for performance or vice-versa. And sometimes, the stars align, and you can attain the perfect confluence of performance and aesthetics.

Ceiling speaker systems are generally unobtrusive, but sometimes the square peg doesn’t fit in the round hole. In other words, you are excited about your new, small, square, and discreetly trimmed architectural lighting for your Santa Rosa Beach home but not so excited about the large, round openings required for the speakers that meet your sound quality standards. Is there an alternative?

Yes! Keep reading below to learn more about James Small Aperture speakers, the system designed to keep your ceilings as stylish as the rest of your Florida home.

Four Things to Consider for an Outdoor Speaker System Four Things to Consider for an Outdoor Speaker System

Narrow Down What’s Important to You

Outdoor audio presents different challenges than indoor audio. With ambient noise and no walls and ceilings to reflect sound, designing the right solution for your outdoor spaces is a different endeavor. One thing isn’t different – what you like to listen to and how you listen to it. This aspect plays a big role in your outdoor choices, just like inside your Rosemary Beach, FL, home. 

So what do you need to consider when choosing an outdoor speaker system? Please keep reading to find out!

GHT Group is the Go-To Partner for Whole Home Audio Systems GHT Group is the Go-To Partner for Whole Home Audio Systems

Go with an Industry-Recognized Partner

Few home upgrades are as enjoyable and usable as a whole home audio system. If they say music soothes the soul, why not be soothed in every room of the house? We're not making this up; scientific evidence shows that music can increase oxytocin and serotonin levels in your brain. So if there's music that makes you feel good, having easier access to it is good for you. 

But there are audio systems, and then there are whole home audio systems. One important thing to note about audio everywhere in your house: it's not one size fits all. Not only should your system fit you and the music you listen to, but it should also fit your space. One way to do that is with the choice of speakers. You can have speakers for critical listening in one room and speakers appropriate for background music in other spaces. GHT Group works with the best industry brands like Sonance to design custom audio solutions that fit your specific needs. It's one reason we were named Sonance Authentic Partner of the Year in 2022!

Read on to learn more about how we take a bespoke approach to whole-home sound in your Buckhead, GA home. 

3 Ways to Use a Ceiling Speaker System 3 Ways to Use a Ceiling Speaker System

Ceiling Speakers Offer High-Quality Sound with Discreet Appearance

Want to know more about ceiling speaker systems? You're in the right place. Architectural ceiling speakers allow you to have great sound without the clutter of wires and speakers in your space. What's more, ceiling speakers have multiple uses that might surprise you with their versatility. If you don't want to see speakers anywhere in your Milton, GA, home – unless you look up – please keep reading!

3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Whole Home Audio System 3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Whole Home Audio System

It’s the Easiest Way to Enjoy All Your Favorite Audio

Most people have some type of audio system. It will most often be part of a media setup for watching video content, and sometimes it's a separate two-channel audio system for listening to music. What happens when they're not in those rooms or spaces? Many rely on portable or powered speakers and sometimes a good pair of wireless headphones. 

But there's a better way to enjoy your music – or audiobooks, radio shows, or anything else – all over your house without missing a note, word, or beat. A whole home audio system puts everything you want to listen to at your disposal in every room of your Seagrove Beach, FL, home. Read on to learn three reasons why you should invest in whole-home audio.

Discover Two of Our Most Popular Focal Home Speaker Lines Discover Two of Our Most Popular Focal Home Speaker Lines

Focal Kanta and Sopra Deliver Sublime Listening Experiences

Audio enthusiasts are a bit of a different breed. They appreciate good quality sound but demand more than the average listener. The truth is that many of today's speakers and audio systems offer excellent sound. Some of them even do it reasonably affordably. But audio aficionados want more; they want their music and audio to be a moving experience. For that, they need another level of audio. 

Focal is a French company dedicated to hi-fi sound since 1979. Known for their in-house acoustic research and innovation as well as astounding attention to aesthetic detail, Focal home speakers deliver an elevated listening experience in your Alys Beach, FL, listening room. Learn more about two of our most popular Focal speaker lines below.

McIntosh Audio’s New Hybrid Drive Is the Best of Both Worlds McIntosh Audio’s New Hybrid Drive Is the Best of Both Worlds

Mixing Analog and Digital, McIntosh Audio Delivers a New Level of Sound Performance

McIntosh Audio is a brand revered by audio enthusiasts everywhere. The products have a distinct, classic, and iconic look that need not be hidden in a cabinet, along with the aural performance to match. Perhaps no other McIntosh products are as well known as their amplifiers, and vintage ones are still coveted and in use in high-end audio setups.

Known for both vintage vacuum tubes and modern solid-state amplifiers, the company asked a question: how can you get the best of both worlds; the rich sound of vacuum tubes with the prodigious power of solid-state amplification? The answer is Hybrid Drive, which brings an elevated sound quality to your Inlet Beach, FL listening room. Learn more about the new McIntosh Hybrid Drive below!

Sonance Invisible Speakers: Designed for Sound, Not Distraction Sonance Invisible Speakers: Designed for Sound, Not Distraction

Sonance Makes the Speaker Disappear

Sometimes you want to see a speaker, and sometimes you don’t. In your listening room, you might have a beautifully sculpted and finished pair of Focal transducers, and they look as good as they sound. In the listening room, the Focals are part of the decor as much as the classically styled Macintosh gear that powers them. 

But let's move on to the living room, dining room, and kitchen in your Milton, GA home. Do you really want to see speakers there? Not likely, since they don't quite fit with the ambiance. Of course, architectural speakers can do the job of sound in these rooms, fitting neatly into the walls and ceilings. But let's take it a step further. Your interior designer (or partner) is adamant that no trace of a speaker be visible in these rooms, and that includes grills. What to do, then? That's where Sonance invisible speakers come in. Keep reading below to see how these speakers bring the sound without leaving a visual footprint.

Three Reasons Summer is the Perfect Time to Add a Home Theater Three Reasons Summer is the Perfect Time to Add a Home Theater

Summer Movie Nights Are Just the Start

Are you still on the fence about home theater? Did you buy a house with the perfect bonus room for it but can’t decide between converting it into an exercise room or home theater? We’re not going to dissuade you from exercising more, but we can make the case that you will get a lot of use from your home theater. 

There may have been a time when home theaters made more sense for movies than anything else. But that was long ago, when TV was low resolution, surround sound wasn’t common, and the only content that really took advantage of big screens and great audio was movies. Today, we have 4K streaming, Dolby Atmos surround sound, and incredible video processing that makes older content look like it’s ultra-high definition too. 

A home theater can be your entertainment central for everything related to audio and video. And summer is a great time to enjoy it, with kids on vacation and families kicking back to enjoy more fun together. All you need is a knowledgeable home theater company like GHT Group to design and build it! To help you get off the fence and get started, here are three ways you and your family can enjoy your home cinema in Sandy Springs, GA.

How to Choose Architectural Speakers for Your Home Theater How to Choose Architectural Speakers for Your Home Theater

Let’s Start Here

Are you thinking about a new or upgraded home theater? You are likely thinking about the speakers for it. The choices are endless, more than we could possibly cover in this post. But we’re going to get you started in the right direction. 

First, you have a choice of freestanding or architectural speakers. Architectural speakers are built into walls and ceilings. How do you choose one over the other? Mostly it comes down to aesthetics. Some people like the look of speakers, but some don’t want to see them at all. Some don’t mind the powerful look of a front speaker array (left, center, and right), but like the rest of the surround sound to be integrated into walls and ceilings. 

As a longtime home theater company, there is one myth we want to dispel here from the start. You can get the same performance level from architectural speakers as freestanding ones. If you think large, bulky speakers are the only way to get exceptional sound in a home cinema, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the amazing choices in architectural high fidelity speakers for theater – and even music, for that matter. Now that we have that out of the way let’s go deeper into how to choose architectural speakers for your Roswell, GA, home theater. 

Three Ways to Get the Best Performance from Your Surround Sound System Three Ways to Get the Best Performance from Your Surround Sound System

Immersive Surround Sound Takes Careful Setup and Calibration

You might think that great surround sound is easy. Just buy the system, set it up, and presto, incredible surround sound. Admittedly, there are some soundbars and system-in-a-box solutions that will give you decent surround sound from movies and shows. On the other hand, you’re not likely to get that visceral, blown away feeling from any of them. 

For truly stellar, immersive, “OMG, that's so incredible!” sound like you’ve only experienced at the best movie theaters, you need a real, full surround sound system with separate components and speakers. Even then, you still won't be blown away unless it's properly set up. Keep reading to learn more about three areas that merit special attention when setting up a surround sound system.