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Looking for Unobtrusive, Great Sounding Ceiling Speakers?

James Small Aperture Speakers Deliver Big Sound from Small Openings

Looking for Unobtrusive, Great Sounding Ceiling Speakers?

Are you a stickler for design? Are you not a fan of compromises? When integrating technology into your space, you can sometimes compromise on looks for performance or vice-versa. And sometimes, the stars align, and you can attain the perfect confluence of performance and aesthetics.

Ceiling speaker systems are generally unobtrusive, but sometimes the square peg doesn’t fit in the round hole. In other words, you are excited about your new, small, square, and discreetly trimmed architectural lighting for your Santa Rosa Beach home but not so excited about the large, round openings required for the speakers that meet your sound quality standards. Is there an alternative?

Yes! Keep reading below to learn more about James Small Aperture speakers, the system designed to keep your ceilings as stylish as the rest of your Florida home.

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The Tailored Ceiling

James Loudspeaker is one of the pioneers in architectural audio, and they are now part of Sonace, another pioneer of excellent audio you hear but don't see. The James Small Aperture speaker line was explicitly designed for design-conscious homeowners who want it all – stellar performance and stealth appearance. It starts with the namesake small aperture, which is the opening required in the ceiling for the speaker. The apertures start at a diminutive three inches, and they are designed and trimmed to look like ceiling lights for a seamless appearance. The grills are paintable like most other ceiling speakers, but James went further with integration possibilities. The speakers can be flush-mounted and powder coated to match custom ceiling finishes. If you have wood, metal, or other unusual materials for your ceilings, they can even be mounted behind perforations for a sleek hidden look.

A Powerful Punch

In this case, don't judge a speaker by its cover. The small façades hide a uniquely designed large speaker that packs a punch. Behind the 3-inch opening lies a 6.5-inch mini-subwoofer, a 2-inch aluminum midrange driver, and a .75-inch tweeter for full-range sound. It's all housed in robust metal enclosures designed to fit in ceiling framing, which is easy to do in new construction and major remodels. If you need more powerful sound for larger rooms, you can opt for models with seven and 9.5-inch square apertures. James also offers subwoofers starting at 4-inch apertures for increased bass performance. You have probably never heard ceiling speakers capable of this level of audio performance! If you are an audio enthusiast and demand superior sound quality in every room, this is the system for you.

Now you don’t need to compromise performance for aesthetics in your multi-room audio system. Want to learn more about James Small Aperture ceiling speakers for your Santa Rosa Beach home? Contact us here or click the chat box below to connect with one of our experts quickly. We look forward to working with you!