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GHT Group offers complete landscape lighting design and installation services throughout the metro Atlanta area. Call us at (770) 955-8909.

4 Landscape Lighting Design Ideas to Make Your Home Pop 4 Landscape Lighting Design Ideas to Make Your Home Pop

Simple Lighting Ideas to Make Your Home's Exterior Shine

If you read these blog pages, you may note something we have said several times: Everything looks better in the right light. We didn’t invent that phrase, but it is our mantra when it comes to our work in lighting design and control for our clients.

Landscape lighting is one of those things that can turn a home’s exterior from forgettable to memorable when the sun goes down. It’s also one of those things that’s some parts art and some parts science. Here are some tried and true landscape lighting design ideas to spice up your Atlanta home’s exterior.

Avoid These 4 Landscape Lighting Design Mistakes Avoid These 4 Landscape Lighting Design Mistakes

Focusing on the End Goals for Your Dream Nightscape

With many home projects, a homeowner may see an ad for a specific product, which triggers hours of research into many different products and solutions for the next home improvement investment. While undeniably useful, we tell clients to avoid "rabbit holes" in product study and focus on what they would like for a result.

As one of Atlanta’s oldest and best purveyors of home theaters, GHT Group often sees home theater projects bogged down into the aspects of specific projectors, screens, and sound systems. We like to start with the space and work it from there, rather than design a theater around a particular product.

With landscape lighting design, we like to work the same way. Let's start with your vision and your landscape and work from there. Of course, we can always incorporate a specific product or brand, but it should be done with an eye to enhancing the end result. Keep reading to learn how to "see the forest for the trees" (clever, no?) in your Atlanta home's landscape design.