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Articles in Category: Custom Window Treatments Marietta GA

Not sure if custom window treatments are the right fit for your space? Find out how motorized options can transform the lifestyle in your home in Marietta or Atlanta, GA. 

Which Rooms Benefit Most from Custom Window Treatments?

Enjoy Greater Beauty, Comfort and Convenience Throughout Your Home

Few things say luxury quite like custom window treatments. People may not prioritize them when building their dream homes, but they're often that final touch to elevate their interior design through beautiful, handcrafted fabrics. If installed properly and optimized with smart technology, though, they become more than a stylistic flourish. 

Not only do they primarily manage the natural light in your home, but they protect your privacy and even reduce your monthly energy costs. To better showcase their impact in your home in Marietta or the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, we’ve homed in on four areas where motorized shades add real value. Have a look to see which custom window treatments make the most sense in each and the impact they have on your everyday lifestyle.