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Outdoor TVs let you bring your favorite video entertainment, games, and fitness outdoors. Discover all the latest options here.

Enjoy Outdoor TV in the Shade with Séura Enjoy Outdoor TV in the Shade with Séura

Séura’s Shade Series 2 Are the Best TVs for Shaded Patios

Want to make the most of your Florida patio? Install an outdoor TV to add multiple dimensions of entertainment. Enjoy a movie under the stars, March Madness basketball al fresco, or any other video entertainment that goes well with a little fresh air and a gulf breeze in Santa Rosa Beach. 

It's not all just passive viewing, either. Why not enjoy some outdoor yoga or another favorite exercise outdoors as you follow along on the TV? An outdoor TV opens a world of entertainment and relaxation outside. If you're looking for a TV for a shaded patio, you can’t do better than the updated Séura Shade Series 2 line. Read more about them below!

12 Spooky Halloween Movies to Enjoy on Your Outdoor TV This Fall 12 Spooky Halloween Movies to Enjoy on Your Outdoor TV This Fall

Check Out Our Top Flick Picks, Horror and Family-Friendly Alike

Get out the candy corn, pumpkins, and costumes: Halloween is nearly here! And what would Halloween be without the season’s classic hair-raising films? Whether you’re a slasher fan or prefer family-friendly flicks, there’s no shortage of thrilling Halloween movies to get you into the holiday spirit.

This year, make your Halloween movie marathon even more fun (and spookier) by watching in the backyard under the night sky. With an immersive flat-panel outdoor TV like those from Samsung and Séura, you can pair your love of movie nights with the crisp fall weather of Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

Below, check out 12 of the best Halloween movies to binge this season!

3 Secrets You May Not Know about Outdoor TVs 3 Secrets You May Not Know about Outdoor TVs

Outdoor TVs Are Made to Be Outside

Are outdoor TVs the same as indoor TVs? Sure, to the extent that they are all…TVs. Just as not all TVs are made the same, outdoor TVs are quite different from indoor models. Are they more expensive? Yes, and there's a reason.

You can spend as little as $500 for an indoor 65-inch TV or as much as $2000. What's the difference there? Plenty, when you start looking at features, build quality, and a host of important differences that greatly impact the viewing experience. 

So, what’s so different about outdoor TVs, and why should you spend more for one (or two)? Keep reading below for three key reasons you want a real outdoor TV for your Woodstock, GA patio, or outside space

Shade or Sun, There’s a Perfect Outdoor TV for Your Space Shade or Sun, There’s a Perfect Outdoor TV for Your Space

Take TV Outdoors with Samsung and Séura

Let's face it; TV isn't just TV anymore. The modern TV is a window onto the vast world of digital entertainment – and education, too. It's all about how you use the window to expand your horizons. And while we're talking about horizons, why not take the window outside?

A TV could be part of your enjoyment of the outdoors. Enjoy football games with friends, gather the family for summer movies under the stars, and follow your favorite yoga routine on the screen. With screen mirroring, you can even get some work done outside for a change of scenery. 

Need some ideas for the right outdoor TV for your outside areas in Cumming, GA? Read on for some of our current favorites at GHT Group.

4 Tech Ideas That Add More Fun to Your Outdoor Living Spaces 4 Tech Ideas That Add More Fun to Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Level Up Your Backyard with Outdoor TVs, Colored Lighting and More

The inside of your home is likely brimming with technology that makes your days and nights more fun. From smart TVs and speakers to motorized shades and intelligent lighting control, these solutions and more add convenience, joy, and comfort to your everyday life. How do your outdoor spaces compare?

Don’t let your backyard fall by the wayside. Get more out of your outdoor spaces in Destin, FL by adding these technologies outside, too. Expand your love of entertainment with dedicated outdoor TVs, keep away sun and bugs with motorized patio shades, and more. Read on to explore four tech ideas that are sure to level up your outdoor living spaces and make your home the best one on the beach.

Here’s What to Consider Before Installing a TV Outdoors Here’s What to Consider Before Installing a TV Outdoors

Plan Ahead to Create an Enviable Outdoor Entertainment Space

While you may spend most days enjoying the sand and surf in Alys Beach and along the Florida Panhandle, it’s also pleasurable to step into the backyard and grill with friends or suntan by the pool. On the days you choose to stay home, make outdoor living more fun with an entertainment system!

Before you start your project, remember that a little planning goes a long way. Bringing AV equipment outside isn’t the same as setting up an entertainment system in the living room. In this blog, we’ve provided a few tips to consider before you install an outdoor TV as part of your backyard entertainment system. Follow along below!

Enjoy Movies and Shows Under the Sun with an Outdoor TV Enjoy Movies and Shows Under the Sun with an Outdoor TV

Entertainment Must No Longer Be Confined to the Indoors

Long summer nights in WaterColor, FL call for relaxing on the patio while the sun sets and the gulf waves crash in the distance. Does it get any better than that? Perhaps when you add outdoor entertainment to the scene. A TV makes a great addition to any activity in the backyard!

While it may seem easy to bring your indoor TV to the patio, you’ll find that it can’t stand up to Florida heat, humidity, and salty air. It may also not be bright enough on those sunny afternoons. Rather than ruining your equipment or settling for subpar performance, invest in a dedicated outdoor TV instead.

Need more convincing? Below, explore three worthwhile reasons to add an outdoor TV to your backyard.


5 Reasons to Get an Outdoor TV Right Now 5 Reasons to Get an Outdoor TV Right Now

Love Sports? They’re Back

If you love sports, you know the current pandemic put a damper on many events. Seasons were shortened, the cheering fans were absent, and some events didn’t occur at all. But as the world gets back to normal – albeit slowly – sports are coming back!

If you're a diehard sports fan, what's better than watching sports with friends and family? Watching them outside with an outdoor TV! Get your much-needed doses of vitamin D and fresh air while you miss not one minute of the game. Outside, you don't have to sit to keep an eye on the action. Do yoga, grill a steak, or soak in the spa – do what you do outside and stay entertained at the same time.

If you need to justify an outdoor TV addition to your Duluth, GA backyard, here are five great reasons to do it pronto!

5 Ways to Enjoy an Outdoor TV Setup 5 Ways to Enjoy an Outdoor TV Setup

Enjoy Entertainment, Socializing, and Fitness Outdoors

GHT firmly believes that audio and video entertainment should not be limited to the interior confines of your house. Your favorite music and video entertainment should be set free, available outside for you at the click of a button. While many people enjoy audio and music outdoors in the relatively mild Georgia climate, we think outdoor TV provides another dimension to al fresco entertainment that will have you spending more much-needed time outside.

While we love to discuss equipment and other considerations for your outside entertainment in these blogs, for this discussion, we'd like to stoke your imagination a bit about what you can do with your outdoor TV in your Canton home. Please keep reading below!