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These Movies Will Make You Want to Upgrade Your Home Theater These Movies Will Make You Want to Upgrade Your Home Theater

Today’s Films Look Best with the Latest HDR Capability

Some of you reading this may be wondering – what is HDR? We're glad you asked because this blog is for you. HDR is the acronym for high dynamic range, the feature that most differentiates the latest TV displays and projectors from models of just a few years ago. 

Recently Regal Cinemas announced the closing of all their theaters in the U.S. due to the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Increasingly, home is the place to be for a great movie experience. If you are a cinephile, why not take all the money saved from expensive tickets and overpriced concessions and upgrade to the latest technology? HDR can make a tremendous difference in your picture quality, whether you use a flat panel or a projector in your media room or home theater. 

As the leading home theater company in Roswell and metro Atlanta for over 30 years, you can trust GHT Group to know everything about home audio and video. Keep reading to learn more about HDR and some movies that will make the picture pop off the screen. 

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Do You Enjoy Netflix in Your Home Theater? Do You Enjoy Netflix in Your Home Theater?

Sony Has the Perfect Way to Watch Netflix

Netflix is one of those internet institutions that is now ingrained in popular culture, and not just in the U.S. Younger viewers may not even realize that the company started as the internet alternative to Blockbuster video rentals, shipping physical discs conveniently to your home and doing away with the dreaded late fees.

These days, of course, Netflix is the 800-pound gorilla of internet video streaming, with a seemingly endless array of titles to watch. Moreover, they have become a force in Hollywood, financing many original movies and shows that can be viewed by audiences more massive than ever before, and garnering multiple Golden Globe and Oscar wins.

If you have a media room or home theater installation in your Atlanta, GA home, chances are you have a few Netflix favorites. It doesn’t hurt that Netflix has also been ahead of the curve in adopting the most advanced audio and video technologies in their original content like 4K, Dolby Atmos surround sound, and Dolby Vision that make great use of the latest AV equipment. And if you love Netflix, you'll love it even more with the newest feature Sony includes in its latest TVs and projectors. Read on to learn more.

Is Your Surround Sound System Ready for the Super Bowl? Is Your Surround Sound System Ready for the Super Bowl?

Get Ready for the Big Game with a Giant Display and Immersive Surround Sound

We know what you're thinking. We're barely through the holidays, and we are already talking about the Super Bowl. But the NFL showdown for the coveted Lombardi Trophy comes along in early February, so it's not too early to start thinking about it – especially if you want to have the best audio and video setup for the game.

Did you know that up to 7% of consumers buy a TV expressly for the Super Bowl? That’s an impressive number driven by one event. Of course, the large screen TV or projector purchase will be a pleasure to own far beyond the upcoming Super Bowl game.

While a big screen is a must for football, don’t forget about the sound. A surround sound system can really make you feel like you’re at the game while in the comfort of your Smyrna, GA home.

In this blog, let’s explore some sight and sound upgrades to make your next Super Bowl party the best ever. 

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