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GHT Group partners with professional lighting designers in the metro Atlanta area to offer the best in home lighting solutions. 

When Do You Need to Hire a Lighting Designer? When Do You Need to Hire a Lighting Designer?

The Answer? It Depends

Some people might start reading here and ask, "Why do I need a lighting designer at all?" And you might not. You might have a great eye for decor and style and would never dream of hiring an interior designer, either. There are design trades where a professional brings tremendous expertise and experience to the table, yet they are optional to get the job done. In other words, you can do your own interior and lighting design, but you should know what you're doing if you want to be happy with the results. 

So back to our original question: do you need to hire a lighting designer for your Atlanta, GA, home? We will somewhat cagily answer, it depends. Ultimately you can decide, but here is our take.

Why It Pays to Work with a Lighting Designer Why It Pays to Work with a Lighting Designer

Lighting Designers Make Spaces Functional and Beautiful

Good lighting is an essential part of life. Simply put, the functional aspect of light allows you to see what you’re doing, whether preparing a meal in the kitchen, getting ready for the day in your bathroom, or traversing your hallway. That’s the “what.” But the “how” makes a big difference in your life, creating a mood or atmosphere, adding an aesthetic dimension, and making everyday activities more enjoyable.

Some people leave lighting to homebuilders or interior designers. While many of them understand lighting well, others do not. Lighting designers are a specialized trade, and it can pay to work with one to get a customized lighting plan that works for your lifestyle and sense of style. Keep reading below for four reasons you might want to work with a professional lighting designer for your Atlanta, GA, home project.