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Articles tagged with: High Fidelity Audio

The Speaker as Art – The Monitor Audio SoundFrame

These Architectural Speakers Pack Great Sound with a Twist

The Speaker as Art – The Monitor Audio SoundFrame

Some people love great sound, but they don't love the intrusion of high-fidelity speakers in their décor, no matter how well-designed and finished. You could say that a long time ago, if you decided on architectural speakers for a demure look to your sound, you would give up something in the audio quality department. Today, you can throw that notion out the window.

Today’s choices in architectural speakers are vast. Virtually every high-fidelity speaker maker has an architectural line voiced and engineered on par with their freestanding models. One of our favorite speaker brands is Monitor Audio. We've raved about their Controlled Performance Series, which is ideal for listening rooms or surround sound where speaker visibility is banned.

In this blog, we'd like to introduce you to a different type of Monitor Audio speaker – the SoundFrame. The SoundFrame is a high-performance speaker that can almost hide in plain sight in your Kennesaw or Atlanta, GA, listening or media room. Learn more about it below!

Does Your Home Audio System Need a Boost?

Check Out 3 Upgrade Ideas for Your Home Audio Installation

Does Your Home Audio System Need a Boost?

Home audio systems tend to last a long time. Good quality hi-fi audio gear sometimes may not be replaced for 15 years or more. Analog components like preamplifiers, amplifiers, and speakers don’t need to be replaced unless they falter or you simply want something newer and different.

So why ever upgrade a home audio setup? While the analog side of audio hasn't necessarily changed that much, digital technology is another story altogether. As we know, almost any digital technology moves forward at a breakneck pace. Today's TVs offer astounding performance advantages over those of a decade ago. And your smartphone is nearly obsolete after about five years.

So why might you take another look at your audio system and decide to step it up? Let GHT Group, metro Atlanta’s home audio installation expert, give you three reasons to nudge you into something new.

Three High-Fidelity Speakers from Klipsch You Must Experience

Get The Famous Klipsch Live Sound in Three Sizes

Three High-Fidelity Speakers from Klipsch You Must Experience

Klipsch is one of the world’s largest speaker manufacturers, with various lines that run from wireless speakers and soundbars to home theater speaker sets. Many modern casual observers might not know that Klipsch also produces a high-fidelity speaker line called Klipsch Heritage, although they have been well-known to hi-fi audio enthusiasts for decades.

Klipsch was founded by Paul Klipsch in 1946 in a tiny shed in Hope, Arkansas. A maverick and audio industry pioneer, Klipsch’s goal was to reproduce the sound of a live orchestra inside the home. As part of that goal. Klipsch utilized horn technology to bring that live sound into listening rooms worldwide.

While all speaker manufacturers strive to reproduce sound the way it was recorded, the technology choices they make and the way they engineer them give them a certain character. With horn technology, the Klipsch character has always been forward, lively, and dynamic – exactly what you get with a live performance.

In this blog, we’ll cover three of Klipsch's best speakers from the Heritage line – the Forte, Cornwall, and the granddaddy of them all, the Klipschorn. Keep reading to see which of these speakers gets your audio juices flowing in your Dunwoody, GA listening room.

Want a High-End Audio Amplifier with Muscle and Finesse?

Take a Look at the Incomparable McIntosh MC901

Want a High-End Audio Amplifier with Muscle and Finesse?

Some high-fidelity speakers require massive power to sound their best. Sometimes, even veteran audio enthusiasts have a speaker that they're not satisfied with that may just need more energy. For example, electrostatic speakers from MartinLogan require a lot of juice to bring out the airy and deep soundstage for which the brand and the technology are known. But without the right amplification, you might be unimpressed. 

The other aspect of wringing the best sound from a great speaker is matching the amplifier to the speaker. There are several types of amplifier designs and topologies. Two classic types are vacuum tubes, which date back to the dawn of electronics, and solid state, which is the most common type found in most audio products.

There’s much more to this, but we’re trying to keep it simple here. And if you already know all that, you’ll still want to keep reading about the McIntosh MC901 amplifier, which combines both vacuum tubes and solid-state components into a beastly high-end audio amp with the power to drive just about any speaker in your Brookhaven, GA, listening room.