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Hear What You’ve Been Missing with McIntosh Amplifiers

There’s No Substitute for Power

Hear What You’ve Been Missing with McIntosh Amplifiers

In the automotive world, the old adage goes, "There's no substitute for horsepower." Indeed, if you want a car to go fast, you need an engine that delivers the beans. Fat tires, spoilers, and racy styling do nothing for speed, but an engine that delivers power to the wheels does.

But can you have too much power? In cars, perhaps, but power is good if used judiciously. After all, Dodge seems to sell all the 800 horsepower Hellcats it can make. Does anyone need 800 horsepower? No, but it sure is fun.

In high-performance audio, power is good too. With high-end speakers, the more power they are fed, the better they tend to sound. In fact, many speakers don’t sound their best unless they are supplied with copious amounts of power. That’s when you start hearing things in familiar recordings that you’ve never heard before. And it’s because the amplifier is wringing every last detail from your music.

McIntosh is an audio company that needs no introduction to hi-fi enthusiasts. The company recently celebrated its 70th anniversary, and while today it offers a full array of high-end components, nothing has cemented its reputation more than its beefy, iconic amplifiers.

Where can you find McIntosh amplifiers? GHT Group is proud to be a McIntosh dealer serving Cumming, GA and the metro Atlanta area. Keep reading below about two of our favorite McIntosh amplifiers to bring the power to your system.

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The MC462 Two-Channel Solid State Amplifier

The MC462 is Mcintosh’s most powerful stereo amplifier. This is the 800-horsepower supercharged engine for your 2-channel system. McIntosh’s Autoformer™ transformer can deliver a full 450 watts to any speaker, whether at 8 ohms all the way down to 2 ohms. Exclusive McIntosh features ensure performance that lasts for generations. Power Guard adjusts the input signal in real-time to prevent clipping. The Quad Balanced design virtually eliminates distortions that can creep into the audio signal. And with Sentry Monitor, you don't have to worry about overtaxing the system with too much current.

Be sure to have the right place for this 115-pound piece of equipment. You will be rewarded with unparalleled sound quality from your speakers, with headroom galore to enjoy your most complex music at all the volume you can handle.

The MC901 – Bi-amping Bliss

Many enthusiasts like to use bi-amplification for truly power-hungry speakers. McIntosh has the ultimate bi-amp solution with the unique MC901. For maximum bass performance, there's no substitute for the power of a solid-state amp. The MC901 packs a 600-watt amplifier just for the woofer. For sweet and smooth midrange and highs, the MC901 includes a 300-watt vacuum tube amp. You get the best of both worlds for your power-hungry speaker, incredible bass performance, and the smoothness of an astonishingly potent tube amplifier for the midrange and tweeter drivers. The MC901 is a dual mono amp, and you need two for your stereo system.

McIntosh Style

McIntosh is like a car that has the style and the performance to match. The iconic, blue-lit power meters are a hallmark of the amplifiers, as well as the monogrammed heat sinks. On the MC901, the vacuum tubes are also visible and have a beautiful glow in a dimmed room. McIntosh amps make a visual statement to match their sonic performance.

Get the most out of your sound system with McIntosh amplifiers. Contact us here, or click the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our audio experts. We look forward to working with you! 

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