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Articles in Category: Lighting Designer

Work with professional lighting designers and home technology companies for a bespoke lighting plan that fits your functional and aesthetic vision. Learn more here. 

The Lighting Designer’s Guide to More Beautiful Bedrooms

How Light Can Bring It All Together

The Lighting Designer’s Guide to More Beautiful Bedrooms

Bedrooms are places for sleep, relaxation, and serenity. In order to create that ambiance and atmosphere, homeowners spend considerable time and money on the right beds, linens, furniture, floor coverings, custom window treatments, and more. But one other element that should be equally considered in designing the perfect bedroom – the lighting

If the lighting is off, no matter how beautiful and elegant the other aspects are, your bedroom will suffer. Here are four ways professional lighting designers address bedroom lighting for homeowners in Sandy Springs, GA and the Atlanta area. 

The Lighting Designer’s Guide to a More Radiant Kitchen

Best Practices to Make Your Kitchen Shine

The Lighting Designer’s Guide to a More Radiant Kitchen

What’s the most important room in the home? For most people, it tends to be the kitchen. Indeed, when many people are buying a home, the kitchen is the space that can make or break the decision. Kitchens are the hub of the modern home, where the family gathers to prepare food, eat, do homework, discuss plans, entertain friends, and just about anything else. 

What can make or break a kitchen? It can be many things, from space and layout to cabinets and appliances. And one thing can affect the way you see all of those important aspects – lighting. The right lighting can make even an average kitchen punch way above its weight, while poor lighting can let down a great one. That’s why lighting designers place a special focus on kitchens because they are such multifunctional and important spaces. 

Want to learn more about the best practices for kitchen lighting in your Santa Rosa Beach, FL home? Please keep reading!

5 Top Tips from Expert Lighting Designers for a Luminous Home

See Your Home in a Whole New Light

5 Top Tips from Expert Lighting Designers for a Luminous Home

Do you see beautiful pictures of home interiors and sometimes wonder why yours doesn’t quite look as good? You may have better decor and furnishings, but somehow it doesn’t come through. It might be the light. Just as the perfect photograph depends on expertly applied lighting, your home can look far better with the right illumination.

To help you see your Marietta, GA, home in the right light, we’ve assembled four top tips from expert lighting designers to get you started. Keep reading below!

The 4 Deadly Sins of Lighting Design

Don’t Make These Mistakes in Your Destin Home

The 4 Deadly Sins of Lighting Design

Light is one of those things that you likely don’t think about – until there’s something off about it. Do you struggle to read the menu in a dimly lit restaurant? How about not seeing the road well in a rental car with lighting that’s a far cry from the LEDs in your BMW? 

When it comes to home lighting, you’ll notice light or lack of it for other reasons. Maybe it’s glare or a kitchen that simply is not bright enough for effective food preparation. These are the sins that professional lighting designers strive to avoid. Keep reading below for four lighting mistakes to avoid in your Destin, FL home.