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Articles in Category: Outdoor Sound System

How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Soundscape with Coastal Source

Coastal Source Delivers Potent, Long-Lasting Audio in the Florida Climate

How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Soundscape with Coastal Source

Florida weather can be tough on anything not inside air conditioning. The high humidity rusts bikes in garages and rots wood fences, and the salty air of the ocean can corrode metals and dull paint. At the same time, living in WaterSound means enjoying an outdoor lifestyle year-round, so you’re going to have things outside. 

One of the best additions you could make to maximize the enjoyment of your outside spaces is outdoor audio. An outdoor sound system can relax you for an afternoon of sunning and swimming in the pool, grilling dinner, or just enjoying a book on your lounge on a bright winter day. But can you get an outdoor sound system that stands up to the heat, humidity, and salt of the Florida 30A coast? You can with Coastal Source outdoor audio, a sound system made for its very name. Read on to learn more. 

5 Excuses to Install an Outdoor Sound System This Fall

Audio Adds a New Dimension to Your Outdoor Spaces

5 Excuses to Install an Outdoor Sound System This Fall

We love to discuss all the excellent choices that exist for outdoor entertainment and automation in this blog series. From outdoor TV to home theater (yes, home theater!) to outdoor lighting, we offer a dizzying array of products and solutions, many of which you can see in our Marietta showroom.

Most people start their journey into outdoor technology and entertainment with audio. Music and sound can add a whole new dimension to the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. And who doesn't need more time outside these days? 

If you haven’t invested in an outdoor sound system for your Buckhead home yet, the Georgia fall is a perfect time. Just in case you need them, read on for five excuses to spur you to add outdoor audio as the capstone on your alfresco activity area. 

Create the Ultimate Outdoor Sound System with Coastal Source

From Bollards to Landscape Speakers, Create an Audio Enthusiast-Worthy Soundscape Outside

Create the Ultimate Outdoor Sound System with Coastal Source

At GHT Group, we’re proud of the audio brands we work with. Names like Bowers & Wilkins, MartinLogan, Klipsch, and many more are known for their vibrant reproduction of sound, which is also a way of saying, we know what good audio is!

When you take the audio outside, there are some different challenges in achieving high sound quality. Lack of walls to reflect sound, ambient noise, and wide-open spaces all play a part in requiring more planning for a great outdoor sound system for your Brookhaven, GA home.

While there are several excellent choices for outdoor speakers – and we offer many – there is one company that we particularly like not just for sound quality but also for the complete solution they offer. Read on to learn more about creating your ultimate outdoor soundscape with Coastal Source.

3 Options for Outdoor Sound, from Simple to Amazing

You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune for Outdoor Sound, But You Can If You Want

3 Options for Outdoor Sound, from Simple to Amazing

If you follow our blog pages at all, you know that we love great audio, and we write about it often. We also think hi-fidelity sound is not exclusively an indoor thing; it can extend outside too. No, we're not talking about putting your beloved B&W tower speakers out on your covered patio – they wouldn't last long out there (but you know that). Outdoor sound has its challenges, not the least is that you need outdoor speakers that can take on the seasons of Georgia weather. 

The good news is that an outdoor sound system for your Alpharetta outside space need not be a complicated affair. It can be an extension of your current audio system, even if that setup is in just one room, like your family room. It can also be a very elaborate system with multiple zones and even tie in outdoor TVs. In this blog, we're going to take a look at some of these options, from the simple to the "wow all your friends" variety. Ready to learn more? Keep reading below.