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Articles in Category: LED Light Fixtures Dunwoody, GA

GHT Group is the premier source in Dunwoody and the metro Atlanta area for LED light design, fixtures, and custom installation. Call us at (770) 955-8909.

Redesign Your Home’s Lighting with LED Lighting Fixtures

Explore the Quality and Attention to Detail of Element by Tech Lighting

Redesign Your Home’s Lighting with LED Lighting Fixtures

GHT Group is a big proponent of LED lighting, and we’ve espoused the reasons before many times. LED technology is tunable, hyper-efficient, and allows for new lighting fixture styles that are not possible with older lighting. 

If you're building a new home in Dunwoody, GA, we would heartily advise you to go with LED light fixtures. And if you’re not, the compact nature of LED designs makes them excellent, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing replacements for lighting in your existing home.

GHT Group works with great lighting brands like Lutron and DMF. Recently we have added another one to the fold, Element by Tech Lighting. Keep reading to learn what Element lighting can do for your home.