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Articles in Category: Outdoor Lighting Company

Let an experienced outdoor lighting company show you how to invigorate your outdoor areas with lighting. Learn about the latest solutions here.

4 Springtime Tips from an Outdoor Lighting Company

Spring is in the Air. Let There Be Light!

4 Springtime Tips from an Outdoor Lighting Company

Will Congress enact the Sunshine Protection Act and save us from the trauma of clock changes and daylight savings time? We don’t know, but that one extra hour of daylight late in the day won’t get you out of maintaining your landscape lighting! It’s spring, everything is blooming, and it’s also time to get your outdoor lighting ship-shape for the season. 

Outdoor lighting should be part and parcel of your overall landscape. As you and your landscaper clear out weeds, leaves, and old mulch from beds to get ready for flowers, annuals, and fresh plants, don’t ignore the lighting. It usually needs a little help too. Here are four tips from an outdoor lighting company to get your outdoor illumination spring-ready in Alpharetta, GA.

Why a Professional-Grade Solution Is Best for Outdoor Lighting

Solutions like Coastal Source Are Designed to Last Longer and Perform Better Than Off-the-Shelf Products

Why a Professional-Grade Solution Is Best for Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an excellent solution to add safety, entertainment value, and curbside appeal to your home in Sandy Springs, GA. And if you’re interested in dressing up your home’s exteriors and landscape, you’ve probably seen several options for DIY lighting systems in stores.

It’s worth pointing out that off-the-shelf systems have various flaws and limitations compared to professional-grade solutions sold by an outdoor lighting company. Professional-grade products from a brand like Coastal Source are designed and built to last longer and perform better than mass-produced systems in stores. While purchasing a professional solution and installation is more costly upfront, it’s a better investment in the long term. Keep reading to learn why.  

Three Ways to Celebrate Fall with Outdoor Lighting

Shine a Light on the Colors of Georgia’s Autumn

Three Ways to Celebrate Fall with Outdoor Lighting

As we write this, it feels like autumn has finally descended on the Atlanta area. With comfortable, cool days, crisp nights, lower humidity, and fall color, it's a great time to be outside. Let's break out those sweaters and jackets!

With daylight savings time now in effect, our days are getting a little shorter too. We have one hour less to enjoy the Georgia fall color in the afternoon. But we have a few ideas for turning that frown emoji into a smiley one. As an outdoor lighting company with the latest lighting and home technology, GHT Group can help you enjoy your Roswell property’s fall color at night, too. Keep reading below for three ideas to make the most of the fall color with landscape lighting. 

Get Ready for the Holidays with Colorful Outdoor Lighting

From Halloween to Christmas, Celebrate in Color

Get Ready for the Holidays with Colorful Outdoor Lighting

It feels like summer just ended, and we're already starting to think about the fall holidays. As pleasantly cooler weather descends upon Georgia, we can shift our focus to holiday celebrations, indoors and out. October will bring Halloween, November is Thanksgiving, and of course, the end of the year brings Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanzaa.

Every holiday seems to have its trademark colors. So why not celebrate with colorful light? Let GHT Group, one of the leading outdoor lighting companies in Alpharetta and metro Atlanta, show you how. Keep reading for bright outdoor lighting design ideas for the upcoming season.