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Smart Home Technology

With just a press of a button, you can manage your entire smart home automation system right from your own smart device. Using a smartphone, tablet, or in-wall panel or keypad, you can operate innovative technologies such as your lighting control system, smart thermostats, and integrated security setup. Throw the ultimate get-together by using your smartphone to play your favorite music throughout your home in Rosemary Beach, FL, and by the pool through speakers throughout your property – both indoors and outdoors. Set your lights and shades to adjust to the sun’s natural rays so that you can create ambiance. As you sit back to watch a film in your home theater, open an application on your smartphone check on your property’s security by viewing real-time surveillance footage. With smart home technology, the possibilities are endless for your home in Atlanta or Florida. Smart home solutions, from lighting to audio/video and more, add convenience, luxury, and peace of mind to your daily lifestyle!

Integrated Systems

When your system works together cohesively, you’ll find that your life follows suit. An integrated smart home system means that you need only push a single button for your technologies to respond and communicate with each other. For example, pressing the setting “Welcome” on an in-wall keypad or smartphone application as you walk through the front door can disarm your alarm system, brighten your hallway lights, adjust the interior temperature to your liking, and command speakers to play some welcoming music as you arrive. Streamline day-to-day activities, leading to a simpler lifestyle. You won’t have to fiddle with various remotes and unknown switches any longer – through one easy-to-use interface, your family can operate your home’s entertainment, smart home lighting, and security systems with ease. Watch as the control of your entire home falls into your hands.

Centralized Distribution

Imagine every smart feature and technology in your home connected through just one centralized source. No need to scramble to find the right remote. No need to test which light switch is the correct one. With centralized distribution through a smart home control system, you will find that you have less clutter and more space – and also the ability to control every component in every room through a single interface, such as a smartphone application or an in-wall touchscreen panel. With this seamless connectivity, you’ll save time and energy. The best part? Expansion to a centralized home automation system is beyond easy. You can start out small with just a few smart features, and then slowly work your way into having a completely integrated smart home. Each aspect of the system operates within your home network, enabling efficient and effective management of your technology’s performance. Learn more about centralized distribution through our Control4 user experience page.



Lighting Control

smart home lighting system is a perfect solution for your property in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, or Atlanta, GA. Set the ideal mood for any occasion at your home, just by pushing a button. Lighting control systems go far beyond the standard on/off switch. Use in-wall and remote dimming features to set the scene for any activity, and even create customized and integrated lighting scenes accessible through one-touch control. There are a variety of options, such as a “Goodnight” setting that shuts down all the lights in the house, or a “Pathway” button that will light a darkened hallway. Your lighting doesn’t have to be limited to just your comfort though – you can link it to your security system and flood your property with bright lights to scare off any suspicious activity. An integrated smart home lighting solution even can save you energy through working with your thermostat, shading systems, and occupancy sensors. The opportunities truly are endless.

Motorized Window Treatments

Finding the ultimate balance of natural sunlight in your home can be a breeze with motorized shades. You can also simultaneously reduce energy usage and eliminate the hassle of manual window treatments. With just the press of a button on an in-wall keypad or through your centralized control application, you can raise and lower blinds in any room in your house. There’s no need to deal with dangling cords or forgetting whether you left the shades raised or lowered. You can push a button to lower your shades when you notice the sun shining harshly around midday, or have your system automatically lower them when it senses the direct sunlight. This will prevent solar heat gain and long-term UV exposure to your irreplaceable artwork and furniture. There are endless fabric and style options, from blackout roller shades to light-filtering cellular blinds and more. Increase privacy and comfort today with our automated window treatment installations!

Media Control

Integrated media control allows you to enjoy your favorite entertainment sources through a centralized and easy-to-maneuver source. Ready to begin blaring your party playlist or the latest album from your favorite artist? From your control application, select music to play from speakers throughout the whole house or from just one room. You’ll be able to adjust the volume, switch songs, and take absolute command over your home’s media from your smart device of choice. Home entertainment should never involve stress and unnecessary work. This applies to our centralized video distribution solutions, as well. Use your control application on your smartphone or tablet as your remote. With cable boxes stored in a centralized location, use your personal device or a universal remote to turn on any TV in your home, change channels, and alter the volume.

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