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Home Automation Systems

What if your Atlanta, GA home anticipated your needs and adjusted the environment according to your routine? Such is a reality with a home automation system expertly installed by GHT Group. Smart LED lights gradually change color and brightness throughout the day, and motorized shades lower exactly when you need privacy. Everything shuts off automatically when you leave the house, helping you live more efficiently and save energy. 

Smart Home Technology

Imagine effortlessly managing your entire Atlanta smart home through a single touch—using any device you prefer, whether that is a stylish touchpad or your smartphone. It’s a reality with a smart home installation by GHT Group. With technology integrated into one smart home system, you’ll create the perfect ambiance for unwinding, hosting gatherings, or even helping the kids with homework. You’ll remotely access and control lights, security devices, HVAC, and more from anywhere — even far from home.

Building upon the foundation of seamless home automation Atlanta homeowners have come to appreciate, our services extend far beyond simple convenience. Specializing in advanced home security, climate control, and entertainment systems, we ensure that whether you're entertaining guests, looking for a quiet night in, or ensuring your home's security, everything is manageable with just the touch of a button. Atlanta's premier home automation company, we offer customized solutions that integrate whole home audio, smart lighting, and cutting-edge home theater systems to enhance your living experience. Our Control4 and Crestron systems allow for user-friendly control of your entire home—from the temperature and air conditioning to your home entertainment and media room—all aimed at simplifying your life and providing peace of mind.


Our home automation solutions not only provide convenience and comfort, but they also make your Atlanta home look its best. We consolidate lighting control, security system, thermostat, entertainment, and home theater controls into one system for a sleeker, simplified lifestyle. Worried about clutter? We'll conceal wires and hardware within your walls and ceilings. Our smart homes are oriented to the future with technology that “just works” every time you need it.

We take pride in being the best home automation company in the Atlanta area, dedicated to making your home or business fully automated and connected. Our technicians are experts in integrating technology solutions that allow you to control everything in your home from anywhere in the world, ensuring your environment is exactly how you like it, whether you're at home or away. With the capability to customize your home network, automate lighting with sensors, or set timers for your TVs and audio-video (AV) systems, our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle, offering simple control over your entire home.

We Offer Smart Home Automation in the following areas:

Embrace the Ultimate Luxury Lifestyle with Professional Home Automation Services

Are you looking for tailored smart home solutions that automate your lifestyle? Contact us to install a home automation system that enhances your Atlanta home’s efficiency, aesthetics, and comfort.