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GHT Group Expands into Northwest Florida with Acquisition of Audio Video Excellence Location

GHT Group Expands into Northwest Florida with Acquisition of Audio Video Excellence Location

SANTA ROSA BEACH, Fla. -- GHT Group, a leader in custom home technology, lighting, shading, and audio-video solutions based in Metro Atlanta, is excited to announce that it is expanding its custom solutions and services into Northwest Florida.

In January, GHT Group acquired the Santa Rosa Beach, Florida operations of Audio Video Excellence, an established integrator with a loyal customer base, excellent reputation for quality work, and the same ethic for elevated customer service and support for which GHT Group is known.

While GHT Group has operated primarily in the Metro Atlanta area since 1989, it has done projects for customers far and wide when asked, in locations including Florida, Montana, Wyoming, North and South Carolina and beyond. With many customers owning second homes in the beautiful beach areas of Northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast, from Destin to Panama City Beach and along the famous “30A,” the company is pleased to have a local presence to better serve customers there.



MARIETTA, Ga. – Georgia Home Theater, a leader in custom technology solutions throughout the Metro Atlanta area and beyond, is proud to announce it has rebranded into GHT Group.

The new branding highlights the fact that GHT Group is regarded for far more than just its home theater design and installation capabilities; in fact, GHT is Metro Atlanta’s premier source for all things technology, both in residential and commercial environments.

Reimagine Your Outdoor Lighting with FX Luminaire

With Luminaire Luxor, the Possibilities Are Endless

Reimagine Your Outdoor Lighting with FX Luminaire

Chances are you already have some outdoor lighting on your property. It may light the driveway, a pathway, and perhaps some of your landscape. On these pages, we have written extensively about how lighting can create a whole new look for your home, inside and out. With landscape lighting, you can totally change the character of your property after dark.

Outdoor lighting design is part art and part science. The art is hiring an expert outdoor lighting company that knows all the proper techniques and tricks of the trade that add panache to your property after sunset. The science comes in using the right lighting systems that provide the tools to make it happen. GHT Group is excited to work with FX Luminaire Luxor, an advanced outdoor lighting system that offers simple installation and fantastic flexibility to design dramatic nightscapes for your Cumming, GA property. Read on to learn more about the Luxor system!

Hear What You’ve Been Missing with McIntosh Amplifiers

There’s No Substitute for Power

Hear What You’ve Been Missing with McIntosh Amplifiers

In the automotive world, the old adage goes, "There's no substitute for horsepower." Indeed, if you want a car to go fast, you need an engine that delivers the beans. Fat tires, spoilers, and racy styling do nothing for speed, but an engine that delivers power to the wheels does.

But can you have too much power? In cars, perhaps, but power is good if used judiciously. After all, Dodge seems to sell all the 800 horsepower Hellcats it can make. Does anyone need 800 horsepower? No, but it sure is fun.

In high-performance audio, power is good too. With high-end speakers, the more power they are fed, the better they tend to sound. In fact, many speakers don’t sound their best unless they are supplied with copious amounts of power. That’s when you start hearing things in familiar recordings that you’ve never heard before. And it’s because the amplifier is wringing every last detail from your music.

McIntosh is an audio company that needs no introduction to hi-fi enthusiasts. The company recently celebrated its 70th anniversary, and while today it offers a full array of high-end components, nothing has cemented its reputation more than its beefy, iconic amplifiers.

Where can you find McIntosh amplifiers? GHT Group is proud to be a McIntosh dealer serving Cumming, GA and the metro Atlanta area. Keep reading below about two of our favorite McIntosh amplifiers to bring the power to your system.