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GHT Group is metro Atlanta’s leading dealer and installer of 4K Sony projectors and the best home theater equipment. Contact us at (770) 955-8909.

Get to Know Sony’s One of Sony’s Best 4K Projectors! Get to Know Sony’s One of Sony’s Best 4K Projectors!

Upgrade Your Home Theater to 4K With Sony Projectors

In 2020, some would say that 8K (and the even higher-K televisions and projectors to come) are the end-all solution for pristine picture, high resolution, and dazzling color. However, 4K still has a well-deserved place in Georgia home theaters and media rooms. Just as 4K TVs started appearing in more homes, and 4K-enabled content cropped up everywhere, the 8K displays seemed to steal the show. But looks can be deceiving: 4K displays are still flying out of stores en masse, partly due to their now-competitive pricing. Also, 4K projectors, like the one we will discuss today, are still impressive and relevant.


In fact, this blog was originally posted last year, and plenty of our customers still flock to this model today. See the 2019 blog post here!


Whether you’re building your new home theater here in the Metro Atlanta area or you’re ready to update your existing one, one of your top priorities always is going to be achieving the best picture quality possible.

With more and more 4K Ultra HD content becoming available, from movies to video games and more, you need a home theater projector that can deliver that high-resolution image quality that brings the action to life. That’s why we at GHT Group recommend Sony projectors for home theaters in Alpharetta and beyond.


In this blog, we are going to highlight one of our favorite Sony projectors; one we have on display in our Marietta showroom: the VPL-VW695ES 4K SXRD projector.

What do you need to know about the VPL-VW695ES, and why do we recommend it for local custom home theater installations? Find out below.

Get the Most from Your New 4K Sony Projector Get the Most from Your New 4K Sony Projector

Watch Movies in Full Widescreen Glory with Panamorph Lenses

Does your home theater suffer from the “black bar syndrome?” Fortunately, it’s a curable video malady. We are joking here a little, but let us explain.

Without a doubt, if you watch movies at all, you have noticed the black bars that often appear on the top and bottom of the screen. The reason for this is that the majority of flat panel and most projector screens are in 16:9 format, which refers to the ratio of the screen width to its height. Over 70% of Hollywood films made for theatrical release are shot in widescreen format, which is a 2.4:1 aspect ratio. This format, sometimes referred to as anamorphic, is wider than it is high. To fit the film on your screen without skewing it (distorting the image by making it taller), you get the black bars to fill the unused space on your screen. 

What is the problem with that? If you have a 120-inch screen, for example, in your Atlanta theater or media room, you are not getting 120 inches of picture. And if you’ve recently invested in a superb Sony projector with native 4K resolution, you are effectively getting 3K instead of 4K.

3K is not what you bargained for, especially if you like to watch cinematic films. Fortunately, as we mentioned, there is a cure. Special lenses from Panamorph, compatible with Sony projectors and all of the best theater screen brands, can cure the black bar syndrome.

Read on to see how Panamorph lenses help get the most from your Sony 4K projector image.