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Articles in Category: Whole Home Audio

Whole-home audio lets you enjoy your favorite music and audio all over the house with intuitive interfaces and stellar audio quality. Learn more here.

What Are the Best Streaming Services for Whole-Home Audio?

What Are the Best Streaming Services for Whole-Home Audio?

We all know that streaming music is where it’s at for sheer convenience in listening to music. With a whole-home audio system, what could possibly be easier than choosing a streaming source, selecting an artist or playlist, and hitting play? The only thing easier is a Control4 multiroom audio system that makes all that child's play – even your kids can choose the right rooms to play the music without disturbing yours!

While a benefit of whole-home audio is the ability to play other sources like CDs and vinyl all over the house, streaming is likely where you'll spend most of your listening time. We thought it would be a good time to revisit some of today's top streaming services that offer stellar listening experiences for your Brookhaven, GA home. Ready? Keep reading below!

Get into the Beach Vibe with Whole-Home Audio

Enjoy the Florida Winter and Get Ready for Beach Weather with these Tunes

Get into the Beach Vibe with Whole-Home Audio

Right now, it may not be typical beach weather in Miramar Beach, but it’s a wonderfully cool respite from the summer heat in the Florida Panhandle. It won't last long, so enjoy it! If you need a little help envisioning the beach vibe in this season, there's no better way than music to bring it back. 

If you already have a whole-home audio system, you know the pleasures of music all over the house. If you don't, we can set you up with a system that will invoke any memories you want. From Sonos to Control4 and Crestron and Coastal Source, we can design and install a system that will keep your ears enthralled anywhere in your home, indoors or out. 

Let’s get the beach vibe started. Here are some of our favorite tunes to bring the memories of surf and sand back!

3 Critical Features to Look for in a Whole Home Audio System

What You Need to Enjoy Great Sound Everywhere

3 Critical Features to Look for in a Whole Home Audio System

Are you considering a whole-home audio system for your Rosemary Beach home? You may be in a quandary as to how to choose the right solution for you. After all, whole-home audio can be had as simply as buying several Amazon Echo or Google speakers for each space in your home.

While that may be one answer, it’s only one of many. You’ll want to carefully evaluate your multiroom audio system across various criteria, including audio quality, accessibility and ease of use, and variety of content. While there are many criteria you can and should consider for your Florida home, we've narrowed down three here that you should absolutely think though. Ready to learn more? Please keep reading!

Sonos vs.Control4: Which Whole Home Audio System Is Right for You?

From a Beachside Cottage to an Estate, There’s a Perfect Solution for Your Home

Sonos vs.Control4: Which Whole Home Audio System Is Right for You?

Whether your Destin property is a vacation escape or your permanent residence, either way, you get to enjoy the Florida coastal lifestyle. So, what can make that lifestyle even more enjoyable? Music, of course! The good news is that home audio systems are now easier than ever to set up and enjoy, so you can rock or relax to your favorite tunes in any and every space of your home – even outdoors.

In this blog, we’ll explore two of the most popular options for whole-home audio for your Destin home – Sonos and Control4. Whether your home is a cozy beach cottage or a seaside estate, one of these systems can power the soundtrack for your residence. Keep reading below for more!