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5 Ways to Command Your Control4 Whole-Home Audio System

Starting Your Music Is Simple for Everyone at Home

5 Ways to Command Your Control4 Whole-Home Audio System

Control4 is known far and wide as a full-fledged home automation system, but it also features a native whole-home audio solution that gives standalone multi-room music systems a run for their money. Not only can you quickly access and share music throughout the home, but you can also manage other smart home functions, such as lights, TVs, and door locks, using the same preferred Control4 device.

Because no Georgia household or music listener is the same, Control4 offers various intuitive control options that suit different preferences. While a handheld remote may be best for controlling music when you’re relaxing on the couch, voice commands may be better when you’re cooking in the kitchen.

Below, we’ll explore five easy ways to command the Control4 whole-home audio system in your Brookhaven or Metro Atlanta home. Get to know the ways and decide which ones you may like best!

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Pass the Touchscreen Around

Control4 touchscreens offer the most beautiful way to access and share music throughout the house. Install them flush with your walls in common rooms or opt for tabletop touchscreens that can be easily passed around so everyone can take turns choosing tunes. Browsing music on popular streaming services is easy with simple taps and swipes, and stunning cover art is always boldly on display.

Ask Alexa

Busy around the house? Enjoy hands-free listening anywhere by using voice commands. Just tell Alexa what you want to listen to and where! She’ll do the rest while you continue with your tasks. While Control4 integrates with the entire Amazon Alexa family of devices, it also integrates with other popular voice control platforms like Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and

Whip Out Your Smartphone

These days, we almost always have our smartphones nearby—often in our pockets. For quick access to your music at any time, use the Control4 app for iOS and Android. Just take out your phone, fire up the app, and access your music instantly. Similar to the touchscreen, the Control4 app also displays cover art and artist and album information clearly and beautifully.

Start a Station from a Wall Keypad

Control4 wired and wireless keypads are a smarter alternative to traditional light switches because they offer flexible button configurations and one-tap control of lights in one or multiple rooms. More than that, Control4 keypads can also be used to quickly fill your spaces with music. Include custom-engraved buttons like “Pop” or “Jazz” to access your favorite music stations in one room or throughout the house. Another button tap can skip the song, pause the music, or change the volume.

Use the Handheld Neeo Remote

If you fancy the tactile feel of a traditional TV remote, then you’ll love the Neeo Remote for Control4. The Neeo balances standard button control with touchscreen control so you can still enjoy the ergonomic feel of a handheld remote while using a graphical interface for navigating streaming services and other smart home devices. Use the touchscreen to pick your music and the room in which you want to listen, then use the physical buttons to pause, skip, and adjust the volume.

Listen to music anywhere, at any time with a Control4 whole-home audio system. Starting your music is always fast and simple for everyone in the family. For more tips, tricks, and trends covering the latest innovations in smart technology and home entertainment, subscribe to our monthly newsletter!

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