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Product Overview: The New Control4 Neeo Remote

The Neeo Remote is a Must-Have Upgrade for your Control4 Home Automation System

Product Overview: The New Control4 Neeo Remote

Remote controls can be valuable tools, but sometimes they’re frustrating to use. There’s nothing worse than a powerful and capable new AV device with a poorly designed remote control – it detracts from the experience, whether you’re trying to control your home theater, operate automated lights, or listen to music. 

Control4 is a leading home automation company, and they've made control systems for AV devices and practically anything else with an on/off switch for over 15 years. The company recently took everything they've learned about controlling devices and packaged it into a brand new remote control experience that is sure to please everyone in your Smyrna home.

The new Control4 remote is called the Neeo, and it is a marvel of design and ergonomics. Is this the remote you’ve been seeking for the Control4 home automation system in your home? Read on to find out!

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High-End Swiss Design

Most remote control designs are not impressive. Some are designed for looks but unfortunately offer poor ergonomics, while others are ergonomically sound but tend to be hidden away for their looks. The Neeo changes that with sleek, European design that looks artful on any coffee table. The body is sheathed in aluminum, and it’s available in a silver or black finish that exudes quality like a premium smartphone. The high resolution touchscreen is easy on the eyes, and the size, weight, and balance feel perfect in your hand - neither flimsy nor unwieldy.

The Power of Control4 OS 3

The Neeo was expressly designed to complement and harness the power of the latest Control4 OS 3 automation platform. The 3-inch high-resolution touchscreen uses easy to read icons to show you the status of home automation devices like lights and smart locks. Simple touches and swipes can control individual devices or trigger full automation sequences. The screen makes it easy to browse, search, and select cable TV guides, audio sources, and components like UHD Blu-ray players.  

When operating AV devices, often it's easier to use tactile buttons that are operable by feel and muscle memory. For that, the Neeo employs high quality, intuitive physical controls for volume, play, and pause, so you can use these functions without averting the eyes from the show or movie you are watching.

The touchscreen interface takes advantage of new and simplified Control4 OS 3 media controls. You can select audio and video streaming sources, see at a glance what audio source is playing in all rooms or zones, and more while also maintaining easy control of other devices like lights and thermostats. The fusion of touchscreen capability and real buttons replaces a myriad of apps with a tool that makes sophisticated control fun and straightforward.

Custom Home Automation

The Neeo remote is another controller you can add to your Control4 home automation arsenal. That's the beauty behind it; it can present you with all your options in the palm of your hand.

So, should you upgrade from a previous Control4 remote model? The Neeo takes full advantage of OS 3 with its new simplified media controls on its touchscreen. If you have other Control4 AV remotes, the Neeo is a definite step up in design, power, and simplicity. If you long for real volume, play, and control buttons over a pure touchscreen, then that’s yet another reason to upgrade to the Neeo.

If you want the smartest remote in Smyrna for your Control4 smart home, check out the Neeo remote at our Marietta showroom, contact us here, or click below to quickly connect with one of our Control4 experts. We look forward to working with you!

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