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Articles in Category: Tunable Lighting System– Brookhaven, GA

GHT Group offers tunable lighting systems and custom smart home technology solutions in Brookhaven and the Metro Atlanta area.

Is Tunable Lighting a Fad or the Real Thing? Is Tunable Lighting a Fad or the Real Thing?

Exploring the Real Benefits of Tunable Lighting Systems

Is light just light? Of course, it isn't. iIdeally, light is tailored to the environment it needs to illuminate. Too much light in a space can be fatiguing, and so can too little light. But light is more than just its intensity; it also has a color temperature. We all understand different light intuitively and react to it quite naturally, without realizing its effect on us most of the time.

So what is a tunable lighting system, and what does it bring to the world of home lighting? Let's discuss what it is and what it can do for your Brookhaven, GA, home.