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Get Ready for the Holidays with the Control4 Chime Video Doorbell Get Ready for the Holidays with the Control4 Chime Video Doorbell

Chime is the Video Doorbell for the Smart Home

Fall is here, and the holidays will soon be upon us. With the holidays, there will be shopping, packages, and visitors. Family and friends will be welcomed, but there might be unwanted visitors. From the potential for porch piracy to the pesky solicitations you don’t need, you might want a way to sift through all that in the busy holiday season.

That’s where the new Control4 Chime video doorbell comes in. While there’s no shortage of video doorbell options these days, the Chime is the only one that can harness all the power of Control4’s advanced OS 3 home automation system. Let’s take a closer look at the Chime and how it can make for a safer and more productive holiday season in Alpharetta, GA.

3 Approaches to Building a Smart Home with Control4 3 Approaches to Building a Smart Home with Control4

No Matter Which Way You Go, You’ll Be on the Right Path

Many people approach the idea of making their home "smart" differently. For years, our industry thrived on simplifying the control of AV equipment. That may not be the first thing you think of these days when it comes to smart tech, but it is still very much integral to the smart home experience. For others, it might be automated lighting and climate control, as those are also uber-popular do-it-yourself smart home products.

Still, others might place more importance on home security, as smart sensors, cameras, and locks offer more ways to keep an eye on the homestead and maintain safety. And there’s more, like automated pool equipment, irrigation systems, and other devices you can turn on or off or control their behavior.

The one thing you want to do when starting with smart home technology is to choose a system that can grow with you and accommodate a wide range of devices and skills to make home control effortless. For many Buckhead, GA homes, the right system that ticks all the boxes is Control4. Keep reading to learn why Control4 is the centerpiece of your smart home, no matter which feature is the most important to you.

Does Your Smart Home Company Do These Things? Does Your Smart Home Company Do These Things?

Why GHT Group Should be Your Home Technology Company

A few months ago, we undertook a big step in changing and expanding our company's direction, rebranding from Georgia Home Theater to GHT Group. Why the new name? We’re still big on home theater, but the name was only part of what we do now.

GHT Group is all about home technology, with a fast-growing business in the commercial sector as well. We want to be the premier technology partner for residences and companies in Johns Creek and across the metro Atlanta area. And we think, to paraphrase the Carly Simon song, that nobody does it better in Georgia. Whether you are looking for the best brands in audio and video, the top solutions in smart home automation, the latest in home security, and most important of all – top-flight service – GHT Group does it all.

Keep reading for three ways GHT Group is a different smart home company, and why you should turn to us for your technology solutions.

How Control4 Can Ease Everyday Stress with Automation How Control4 Can Ease Everyday Stress with Automation

Let Smart Technology Do the Routine While You Focus on the Important Things

Social distancing may be easing, but things are not going back to "normal" immediately. With most activity now confined to the home – be it work, school, or entertainment – stress levels have been rising. Having the entire family at home, doing all the things they often do elsewhere, can become a balancing act.

However, there are things we can do to make everyday life more comfortable in Brookhaven, GA. When you're home a lot, you might tend to notice some routine tasks that you often do, over and over. Fortunately, smart technology offers some solutions to take a bit of the load off. And these things will be just as valuable timesavers when social distancing is a distant memory. Read on to see how a Control4 smart home control system sweats the small stuff while you make the most of your time at home. 

What Can’t Control4 Home Automation Do? What Can’t Control4 Home Automation Do?

Not Much – Here Are Five Fun and Useful Smart Automation Ideas

We love smart home technology, and it shows. Our blog is chock full of articles on the latest in audio, video, and home technology devices and solutions. 

As a longtime Control4 Pinnacle dealer and integrator in the metro Atlanta area, we’ve also extolled the virtues of Control4 smart home systems. The company can't be beaten when it comes to easy to use and configurable systems that can automate and orchestrate thousands of intelligent devices from many vendors.

And while we’ve covered much of the basics of what you can do with smart lighting, shading, AV, and more, we’ve thought of a few more ideas that can make home automation genuinely useful in daily life. Read on for five things you may not have known home automation could do. If this sparks some ideas about what you can do in your home, that’s the intent! 


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Are You Building A New Home? Make it a Smart Home. Are You Building A New Home? Make it a Smart Home.

Get Your Home Ready for Smart Automation with Control4

It’s difficult to escape the ubiquity of smart home devices and technology. From Nest thermostats prominently displayed at Best Buy or Home Depot to Amazon Alexa smart speakers, we’re all aware of the promise of smart home automation. If you are building a new home or embarking on a significant remodel, chances are smart home technology is high on your priority list.

You may be tempted by DIY (do it yourself) solutions. Still, GHT Group knows from three decades of experience serving homeowners in Georgia that an integrated approach – like that offered by Control4 home automation solutions – is far more likely to satisfy your Atlanta smart home’s needs and accommodate your lifestyle better than disparate systems cobbled together.

There is no better time to consider home automation than when you are early in the planning process so that you can integrate all the infrastructure that your smart home will need. Read on to view all the possibilities.

Learn Why GHT Group is a Proud Member of HTSA Learn Why GHT Group is a Proud Member of HTSA

Smart Home Companies Need to Keep Pace with the Industry

Just recently, we underwent a name change and rebranding from Georgia Home Theater to GHT Group. The new name reflects a widened focus and expansion of the company’s scope that’s been underway for a long time, and having “home theater” in our name did not accurately portray everything that we were doing in home technology.

Our broad footprint across audiovisual and home technologies also led us to becoming part of HTSA. HTSA stands for Home Technology Specialists of America, and our membership in the organization also reflects the evolution from Georgia Home Theater to GHT Group.

What is HTSA, and why is it important that GHT Group become part of it? As a leading smart home company serving Buckhead, Atlanta, and beyond, it reflects our commitment to delivering the best home technology products, solutions, and service to our client.

Read on to learn more about how our involvement with HTSA benefits you.

Product Overview: The New Control4 Neeo Remote Product Overview: The New Control4 Neeo Remote

The Neeo Remote is a Must-Have Upgrade for your Control4 Home Automation System

Remote controls can be valuable tools, but sometimes they’re frustrating to use. There’s nothing worse than a powerful and capable new AV device with a poorly designed remote control – it detracts from the experience, whether you’re trying to control your home theater, operate automated lights, or listen to music. 

Control4 is a leading home automation company, and they've made control systems for AV devices and practically anything else with an on/off switch for over 15 years. The company recently took everything they've learned about controlling devices and packaged it into a brand new remote control experience that is sure to please everyone in your Smyrna home.

The new Control4 remote is called the Neeo, and it is a marvel of design and ergonomics. Is this the remote you’ve been seeking for the Control4 home automation system in your home? Read on to find out!

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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for the Home Theater Buff 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for the Home Theater Buff

5 Great Gifts for the Home Theater Aficionados in Your Life

We know what you're thinking. A holiday gift guide, is it that time already? Yes, it is, but it shouldn't be cause for concern.

If you have a film and home theater buff in your life, then you’re in luck, because we have put together one doozy of a holiday gift guide for you. Any of these gifts would make an impression in any home theater installation in Atlanta.

So how do you choose the right one? We can’t tell you here, but you can visit us at our Marietta showroom to check these out, and we will be happy to help. Of course, if the person is a truly special one, perhaps you'll want to get them all?


Read on for your 2019 holiday gift guide for the media lovers in your life.