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3 Approaches to Building a Smart Home with Control4

No Matter Which Way You Go, You’ll Be on the Right Path

3 Approaches to Building a Smart Home with Control4

Many people approach the idea of making their home "smart" differently. For years, our industry thrived on simplifying the control of AV equipment. That may not be the first thing you think of these days when it comes to smart tech, but it is still very much integral to the smart home experience. For others, it might be automated lighting and climate control, as those are also uber-popular do-it-yourself smart home products.

Still, others might place more importance on home security, as smart sensors, cameras, and locks offer more ways to keep an eye on the homestead and maintain safety. And there’s more, like automated pool equipment, irrigation systems, and other devices you can turn on or off or control their behavior.

The one thing you want to do when starting with smart home technology is to choose a system that can grow with you and accommodate a wide range of devices and skills to make home control effortless. For many Buckhead, GA homes, the right system that ticks all the boxes is Control4. Keep reading to learn why Control4 is the centerpiece of your smart home, no matter which feature is the most important to you.

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We mentioned our industry started with the automation of complex entertainment setups like home theaters. Control4 still excels in that area and with the recent OS 3 update and Neeo remote, even more so. The OS 3 system has utilized all the best features of the latest app design to create a fast and fluid interface to help you access your favorite audio and video entertainment quickly and easily. For multiroom audio, it's a cinch to pick a playlist or artist from your favorite services and direct it to play in the room or spaces of your choice. With the Neeo remote, you get a beautifully styled wand with real tactile buttons for oft-used controls like volume and navigation, and also the power of a customizable touchscreen for access to smart home features like lighting and security. Entertainment control is but one component you get with a Control4 controller hub.

Lighting, Window Treatments, and Climate

Lights, shades, and HVAC control are, of course, independent features, but they go hand in hand in a smart home. When it's time for the movie in the evening in the family room, your Control4 system manages it all. When you choose the content and hit play, your lights will dim, your shades will close, the temperature will adjust, and you'll be ready to watch in comfort. If the lighting was the one feature you wanted to automate at first, your Control4 system will be prepared to add the others when you are.


Security is another staple of our industry, but with today's smart devices and the ability to integrate with other functions, it has been transformed beyond the security alarm. If that's the draw for you into the world of smart home technology, Control4 has that covered too. For example, every Control4 touchscreen is audio and video-capable, making it double as a security device if needed. With the Control4 4Sight capability for remote access, you can look into your home's various rooms through the touchscreen camera. When you're home, the screen can display the view from the Control4 DoorStation video doorbell. Control4 also integrates with several smart lock brands, allowing you to view the status of them and lock or unlock with the touch of a button.


Perhaps the best thing about Control4 is that if you only wanted one or two of the features above, it’s easy to get started with those and layer in the rest later. Control4’s compatibility with over 13,000 devices makes it one of the most flexible smart home systems around. To start with your top-priority smart home feature, contact us here, make an appointment to visit our showroom, or use the chatbox below to connect with one of our home automation experts quickly. We look forward to working with you! 

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