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As a Lutron Dealer, GHT Group is your premier source for custom Lutron lighting and shading installations. Explore the possibilities for your project. 

Discover 3 Wireless Lutron Keypads for Effortless Lighting Control Discover 3 Wireless Lutron Keypads for Effortless Lighting Control

Only a Premier Lutron Dealer Like GHT Group Can Offer All the Options

If you’re considering adding a lighting control solution to your Atlanta home, you need to consider both the functional and aesthetic factors. On the functional side, you want a lighting control solution to offer many ways to control lights through apps, sensors, schedules, and wall-mounted controls. On the aesthetic side, you’ll consider the color temperature and dimming capabilities of lights and the look and style of the fixtures.

When it comes to those lighting wall controls, they need to meet your most stringent criteria – are they easy to use, save you time and effort, and look good doing their job? Lutron dealers like GHT Group understand these needs and have the full set of Lutron solutions available to meet your needs.

Lutron offers seven styles of wall-mounted controls, ranging from wired models to wireless models that use RF (radio frequency) for ease of installation in existing homes. We’ll cover three of these popular wireless styles below, so we hope you keep reading!

Add Smart Lighting to Any Space With Lutron’s Wireless Systems Add Smart Lighting to Any Space With Lutron’s Wireless Systems

Reduced Wiring Needs Make Them Ideal for Retrofits or Remodels

Though wireless technology seems like a fairly new development, Lutron looked into it as early as 1991. In search of a reliable, low-latency solution ideal for retrofit jobs, they decided they needed to create an RF communication standard of their own. 

They spent the next 30 years perfecting their Clear Connect RF technology with one goal in mind: wireless systems that are retrofittable, easy to install, compatible with multiple load types, and aesthetically pleasing for the end user. The question isn’t whether a Lutron wireless lighting solution is the right choice; the question is which one you should opt for in your home in Canton or Atlanta, GA. 

As Lutron dealers, we have the expertise needed to gauge your needs and advise you on the system that would work best for you. Below are just some of the many Lutron options available.

3 More Ways a Lutron Dealer Can Serve Your Lighting Needs 3 More Ways a Lutron Dealer Can Serve Your Lighting Needs

New Innovations from Lutron Are Revolutionizing Lighting Design

Lutron is a company with over six decades of experience devoted to managing light in both home and commercial environments. Starting with the solid-state dimmer in 1959, the company’s product portfolio has grown to 15,000 current products!

Lutron is a company that never stops innovating. With tunable LED lighting like Ketra and their extensive motorized shading line, Lutron dealers like GHT Group in Santa Rosa Beach can provide a complete lighting management solution for your Florida Panhandle home.  Keep reading below to learn more about recent Lutron products that continue to raise the bar in lighting control.

3 Smart Lighting Products Available Only from a Lutron Dealer 3 Smart Lighting Products Available Only from a Lutron Dealer

Not All Smart Lighting Is Alike

The world is awash in smart lighting products and solutions. From online at Amazon to our very own Atlanta-based Home Depot, it’s easy to find an incredible array of smart bulbs, light fixtures, and switches to control your lights from your smartphone, Amazon Alexa, and more. 

What can't you get with those mostly DIY solutions? Admittedly, some of the experiences will be the same. App control? Check - what isn’t these days? Voice control? Check, with the ubiquitous Alexa, Google, or Siri. Smart wall dimmers? Yes. Tunable white and color lighting? Even that. 

OK, so what’s missing? For smart lighting solutions, GHT Group is a Lutron dealer for a reason; the company is the first name in lighting control. Since we just ticked off all the things you can get with a host of other solutions for your Cumming, GA home, let’s explore three smart lighting products you’ll only find at your local Lutron dealer (that’s us!).

3 Reasons to Work with a Lutron Dealer for Lighting and Shading 3 Reasons to Work with a Lutron Dealer for Lighting and Shading

Lutron Is the Industry Leader in the Management of Light

Since it invented the first solid-state dimmer in 1959, Lutron has been on a mission to change how lighting is managed and controlled. In over half a century of innovation, the company has grown from two products to 15,000 and in the process acquired over 2,700 patents for its innovations.

With Lutron, lighting control encompasses any type of light in both residential and commercial settings. Lutron solutions manage both artificial light and natural light in an interior environment with automated lighting and motorized shading. This singular focus on excellence in lighting control is one reason that GHT Group is a proud Lutron dealer in the Metro Atlanta area.

Keep reading below to learn three more reasons why you should work with an authorized Lutron dealer for lighting control in your Duluth, GA home.

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