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Discover 3 Wireless Lutron Keypads for Effortless Lighting Control

Only a Premier Lutron Dealer Like GHT Group Can Offer All the Options

Discover 3 Wireless Lutron Keypads for Effortless Lighting Control

If you’re considering adding a lighting control solution to your Atlanta home, you need to consider both the functional and aesthetic factors. On the functional side, you want a lighting control solution to offer many ways to control lights through apps, sensors, schedules, and wall-mounted controls. On the aesthetic side, you’ll consider the color temperature and dimming capabilities of lights and the look and style of the fixtures.

When it comes to those lighting wall controls, they need to meet your most stringent criteria – are they easy to use, save you time and effort, and look good doing their job? Lutron dealers like GHT Group understand these needs and have the full set of Lutron solutions available to meet your needs.

Lutron offers seven styles of wall-mounted controls, ranging from wired models to wireless models that use RF (radio frequency) for ease of installation in existing homes. We’ll cover three of these popular wireless styles below, so we hope you keep reading!

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Sunnata RF Keypad

The Sunnata keypad line is simple, sleek, and very customizable. You can have two buttons, three buttons with a raise/lower toggle switch, or a four-button configuration. Each of those buttons works with the Lutron HomeWorks lighting control system to control a room of lights or several across your home. They can also work in concert with Lutron motorized shades and window treatments.

Sunnata keypads can replace your standard light switches, but they will do so much more with lighting control. You can outfit them in four colors and gloss and satin finishes to match your décor and personalize them with custom engraving and even different fonts.

seeTouch Architectural Keypads

The seeTouch line works with HomeWorks systems to allow more buttons and configurations for larger and more complex homes and systems. A wide range of button configurations lets you choose from one button to 7-button keypads and also split configurations with a raise/lower control. Ten colors and twelve metal faceplate finishes give you many options to match and enhance the décor of your home. Like other Lutron keypads, custom engraving and LED backlighting enhance aesthetics and ease of use. 

GRAFIK T Keypads

GRAFIK T offers the simplicity of a dimmer control with the sophistication of participating in a lighting control system. It functions on Lutron’s ultra-reliable proprietary ClearConnect RF technology for instant responses and can work with both incandescent and LED lighting. The easy touch sliding dimmer is easy to operate with a finger, but your HomeWorks system can also control that light with any customized scenes or schedules you may have.

GRAFIK T is also available in a wide range of colors and architectural metal faceplate finishes and can be had in one to four gang configurations. You get all the manual control you like along with automation when you need it.


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