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GHT Group offers smart home solutions like Control4 systems in Pensacola and the Florida Panhandle area.

Personalize Your Holiday Home with a Control4 System

Control4 When>>Then Automation Lets you Set the Scene

Smart home automation is a powerful tool for tailoring your home to your lifestyle. But your life isn't static, right? It's constantly changing and evolving, and it changes with the seasons. What you do in summer isn't the same as in winter, and you certainly have activities that only happen over the holidays. 

With a smart Control4 system, you can customize your home for all your special holiday activities. Best of all, you can do it yourself! That may sound difficult, but it’s not. We’ll explain below how you get the best of both worlds with Control4 – the power of a professionality installed system and the flexibility of DIY customization. If that sounds like your kind of Pensacola, FL, smart home, then learn more below!