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GHT Group is the premier source in the metro Atlanta area for Focal home speakers and the best brands in high-fidelity audio. Call us at (770) 955-8909.

Spotlight on Focal’s Latest Home Speaker: The Vestia Spotlight on Focal’s Latest Home Speaker: The Vestia

An Affordable Entree Into High-Fidelity Sound

Are you looking for high-performance audio speakers at an affordable price point? Oh, and you want them to look good in your room too? You’re in luck with the latest Focal home speaker – the new Vestia line. We're excited about Vestia because it brings Focal audio innovations and performance to a versatile speaker line that feels equally at home with two-channel audio and home theater. 

Is the new Vestia line the right choice for your Atlanta, GA, home? Keep reading to learn more!

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High Fidelity, French Style: GHT Group Now Offers Focal Speakers High Fidelity, French Style: GHT Group Now Offers Focal Speakers

Discover the Focal Audio Difference

GHT Group is big on high-performance audio, as evidenced by some of the brands we carry – McIntosh, Klipsch Heritage, and Monitor Audio, to name a few. We're always on the lookout to offer more for our audio enthusiast clients, and we're proud to introduce our latest brand partner – Focal.

For some well-versed in high-fidelity audio, Focal needs no introduction. But others may not think of Focal when thinking about high-end audio. Focal has been making unique speakers and audio equipment since 1979, adding their distinctive design principles to home, pro, and automobile audio. The company is proud of its French heritage that shows in the stylish appearance of its products. In a world where many audio products are designed in the origin country but manufactured overseas, Focal still assembles their high-end audio products in France.

Keep reading below to learn more about Focal home speakers for your Atlanta, GA listening or media room.