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Lutron RadioRA 3 Is a Game Changer in Lighting Control Lutron RadioRA 3 Is a Game Changer in Lighting Control

Lutron RadioRA 3 Is a Game Changer in Lighting Control

Lutron is the world leader in lighting control solutions in both residential and commercial markets. Unlike other companies constantly churning out new products every year, Lutron tends to take more time introducing new technology and products.

Does that mean Lutron isn't innovative? The company that invented the modern solid-state dimmer doesn't rest on its laurels. But it also recognizes that people expect lights to just work. No one needs fancy lighting scenes that don't work consistently or light switches that take a second to turn on a light. Lutron is all about reliable, simple, fast operation. When you invest in a lighting control system for your Woodstock, GA home, you’re going to have it for years, and it has to work all the time.

Indeed, the company’s popular RadioRA 2 system was around for many years. A system that could manage medium to very large homes, it was a popular and rock-solid solution. But now there’s a new, upgraded system, Lutron RadioRA 3. Why is it a big deal to Lutron dealers and technology integrators like GHT Group? Find out more by reading below. 

Ditch the Switch with a Whole Home Lighting Control System Ditch the Switch with a Whole Home Lighting Control System

You’ll Never Want to Return to Regular Lighting

Lighting control is one of the most popular smart home accouterments, and for very good reasons. But those reasons will vary greatly depending upon people’s needs and motivations. For some, it’s the convenience of having more than one way to control lights, like from a smartphone or through a voice assistant. For others, a schedule or sensor that turns off lights brings efficiency and energy savings.

Perhaps the best reason for going with a whole-home lighting control system – and not just one room or a few lights – is all of the above. Each reason is justification enough for lighting control for a Milton, GA home, but it becomes so easy to rationalize when putting them all together. See what we mean below!

3 Ways to Go Whole-Home with Lighting Control Systems 3 Ways to Go Whole-Home with Lighting Control Systems

From Retrofits to New Construction, Whole-Home Lighting Control Is Easier than You Think

Lighting control is one of the most sought-after smart home features. We’ve written at length on these pages about the virtues of smart lighting, from energy efficiency to aesthetics and wellness. And while lighting control can be applied to one area of your house or the entire Cumming, GA property, we are a big advocate for whole-home lighting control systems.

Why? The reason is straightforward: The benefits in convenience, luxury, safety, and energy efficiency multiply when you can manage your entire home’s lighting intelligently. And while you might think that it sounds more complicated to do your entire house, you might be surprised to learn that lighting control systems – like those from Lutron – are adaptable for retrofit installation as well as for new construction and major remodels.

Keep reading below to explore three ways of adding smart lighting to your home!

3 Smart Lighting Products Available Only from a Lutron Dealer 3 Smart Lighting Products Available Only from a Lutron Dealer

Not All Smart Lighting Is Alike

The world is awash in smart lighting products and solutions. From online at Amazon to our very own Atlanta-based Home Depot, it’s easy to find an incredible array of smart bulbs, light fixtures, and switches to control your lights from your smartphone, Amazon Alexa, and more. 

What can't you get with those mostly DIY solutions? Admittedly, some of the experiences will be the same. App control? Check - what isn’t these days? Voice control? Check, with the ubiquitous Alexa, Google, or Siri. Smart wall dimmers? Yes. Tunable white and color lighting? Even that. 

OK, so what’s missing? For smart lighting solutions, GHT Group is a Lutron dealer for a reason; the company is the first name in lighting control. Since we just ticked off all the things you can get with a host of other solutions for your Cumming, GA home, let’s explore three smart lighting products you’ll only find at your local Lutron dealer (that’s us!).

Get Ready for Halloween with Lutron Lighting Control Get Ready for Halloween with Lutron Lighting Control

Spook it Up This Halloween with Smart and Scary Lighting

We’ve talked plenty in our blog about how lighting control and smart home automation makes your life easier, more convenient, and even safer. But how about a dose of some good old fashioned fun?  

Halloween is right around the corner, and while it's fun for the kids, consuming that much candy may not be conducive to good health in adults. However, we do have our toys – tools like Lutron lighting control to make our house the scariest on the block. So, besides all the convenience and efficiency that lighting control can bring to your Buckhead, GA home, let’s explore the fun side for Halloween!

Interested in Smart Home Automation? Begin with Whole Home Audio Interested in Smart Home Automation? Begin with Whole Home Audio

Whole Home Audio Is the Beginning of Your Smart Home Transformation

As a purveyor and custom integrator of home technology systems and solutions, GHT Group sees many clients at different stages of their journey into smart home technology in Georgia. While home automation has a host of benefits in convenience, luxury, and efficiency, we see a couple of areas that tend to draw people in. 

The first area is smart lighting. It's fairly easy to see the benefits, from effortless control to energy efficiency. The other is whole-home audio. Whole-home audio not only brings music seamlessly to every corner of your Alpharetta property, it's also a gateway to adding more layers of smart home features. Keep reading to see how.

Make Residential Interiors Shine with Superior Lighting Design Make Residential Interiors Shine with Superior Lighting Design

Everything Looks Better in the Right Light

GHT Group is committed to bringing the best in home technology solutions to the finest residences in metro Atlanta. One of the areas that we think adds the most value to your home and lifestyle is lighting. Mastering the balance of natural and artificial lighting in your spaces makes significant contributions to your home’s functionality, beauty, and even your well-being.

Great lighting design is what turns a house into a spectacular residence. Even a home with the best furnishings and design can be let down by subpar lighting. In the paragraphs below, we’ll give you some of our favorite ideas on residential lighting design to make your Johns Creek, GA house into the home you’ve always envisioned.

How to Go Hands-Free with Lutron Lighting Control How to Go Hands-Free with Lutron Lighting Control

Lutron’s Versatile No-Touch Controls Make Managing Lighting a Snap

Yes, the pandemic is still with us, and as tiring as it may be, maintaining health and safety habits will go a long way to ensure its tenure in Georgia will last no longer than necessary. One of those healthy habits – in any environment and time – is to keep hands clean and oft-used surfaces germ-free.

Light switches and controls are a high-touch area that likely few think of as potential sources of germs. No, you don't necessarily need to remove them or cover them up with tape. Fortunately, Lutron lighting control solutions provide multiple ways of controlling your lights that involve touching nothing at all. Now there’s a high-tech approach to keeping your Sandy Springs home a little safer for you and your family in these challenging times. Keep reading for three simple ways to make managing your lighting touch-free.

3 Ways You Can Save Energy with Lutron Lighting Control 3 Ways You Can Save Energy with Lutron Lighting Control

Go Green, and Save Money Too

One of the greatest benefits of smart technology is the capabilities it gives us to do things easily that were once both hard and expensive. Lighting control is one smart technology that can benefit any home. And while we’ve talked extensively about the many aesthetic, safety, and other benefits of lighting control, we want to swing back to a core one – efficiency.

Lighting control is one of the simplest, most straightforward ways to save energy. And Lutron lighting control is one of the easiest ways to corral, command, control, and cajole your Atlanta home's lighting into doing your bidding. Read on for three simple (did we already say simple?) ways that Lutron helps you save the environment and pad your wallet, too. 

3 Smart Lighting Design Ideas for Home Offices 3 Smart Lighting Design Ideas for Home Offices

Maximize Productivity and Comfort with the Right Illumination

Telecommuting is nothing new, as the computer and high-speed internet made it a relatively painless proposition over the past two decades. In the past ten years or so, the maturing of cloud application and communication platforms made it even easier to work from home, and many employers encouraged and supported it on a part-time basis.

Of course, we don't have to mention here how the COVID-19 crisis has pushed working from home into hyper-speed overdrive. After all, before this pandemic, when did you ever see Saturday Night Live skits about Zoom meetings? While working from home is not without its many challenges, many think that companies large and small will be seriously rethinking their workforces, with telecommuting becoming far more prevalent for many information workers.

So, what do you need to work from home effectively? Besides the things you might think about – a distraction-free space, comfortable and ergonomic furniture, and a good equipment setup – have you thought about the lighting? Good lighting makes for a pleasant space to work, while poor lighting can lead to fatigue and a lack of productivity, and you may not even know why. Here are three tips that residential lighting design experts recommend to ensure your Alpharetta, GA home office is a happy and productive workplace.

How Do You Choose a Smart Home Company? How Do You Choose a Smart Home Company?

Consider These 4 Important Areas When Hiring a Professional

We have written before on these pages about many smart home technology topics. We’ve also written about how it pays to work with a professional company for your smart home and AV installations, as you need a reliable, trained team that stands behind their work.

What you might not know is how to go about choosing a smart home company to install the technology in your Alpharetta home. In this blog, we’d like to share with you four areas that can indicate the seriousness of a professional home technology integration company.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading below.

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