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3 Smart Lighting Products Available Only from a Lutron Dealer

Not All Smart Lighting Is Alike

3 Smart Lighting Products Available Only from a Lutron Dealer

The world is awash in smart lighting products and solutions. From online at Amazon to our very own Atlanta-based Home Depot, it’s easy to find an incredible array of smart bulbs, light fixtures, and switches to control your lights from your smartphone, Amazon Alexa, and more. 

What can't you get with those mostly DIY solutions? Admittedly, some of the experiences will be the same. App control? Check - what isn’t these days? Voice control? Check, with the ubiquitous Alexa, Google, or Siri. Smart wall dimmers? Yes. Tunable white and color lighting? Even that. 

OK, so what’s missing? For smart lighting solutions, GHT Group is a Lutron dealer for a reason; the company is the first name in lighting control. Since we just ticked off all the things you can get with a host of other solutions for your Cumming, GA home, let’s explore three smart lighting products you’ll only find at your local Lutron dealer (that’s us!).

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Customized, Designer Keypads

While you can get many smart lighting switches for your home, we challenge you to find some with the elegance and smarts of Lutron offerings like Palladiom and Alisse. Palladiom keypads are pure contemporary, minimalist style available in fashionable colors and materials that include brass, metal, and glass. The buttons can be custom engraved, and they have the smarts behind them powered by Lutron’s Homeworks QS lighting control for sophisticated automation. Lutron's new Alisse keypads feature the latest materials like hand-finished brass with a retro-modern look ideal for today's décor trends. With dynamic backlighting for visibility in light or dark, they add beautiful form to smart function.

HomeWorks QS Lighting Control

HomeWorks QS is Lutron's most sophisticated lighting control system. Try controlling all the lights in a 50,000 square foot compound with a DIY solution – it wouldn't be pretty. HomeWorks QS can scale from a moderately large home to expansive properties, with sophisticated automation triggered by schedules, sensors, your smartphone location, and more. Not just for lighting, HomeWorks can also integrate smart thermostats and motorized shading for full environmental control for the utmost in comfort and energy efficiency.

Ketra Tunable Lighting

While there are several color-capable tunable light systems available, none offer the quality and sophistication of Ketra. Ketra is a pioneer in tunable lighting, with exclusive features like Vibrancy that tunes white light to reflect color off objects accurately. It's so good, it's used in museums for its ability to bring out the nuance and detail of the best works of art. Ketra lighting also brings the benefits of natural light indoors for more productive days and restful nights. Through the power Lutron lighting control systems, Ketra tunable lighting allows an entirely new level of automation and personalization for lighting in your home. 


GHT Group is your local Lutron dealer for the ultimate in smart lighting and home technology solutions. Get started learning about the Lutron difference by visiting our Marietta showroomcontacting us here, or clicking the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our lighting experts. We look forward to working with you!

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