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Discover the high style and high performance of Focal home audio speakers, a harmonious combination of brilliant sound and French aesthetics.

Spotlight on Focal’s Latest Home Speaker: The Vestia Spotlight on Focal’s Latest Home Speaker: The Vestia

An Affordable Entree Into High-Fidelity Sound

Are you looking for high-performance audio speakers at an affordable price point? Oh, and you want them to look good in your room too? You’re in luck with the latest Focal home speaker – the new Vestia line. We're excited about Vestia because it brings Focal audio innovations and performance to a versatile speaker line that feels equally at home with two-channel audio and home theater. 

Is the new Vestia line the right choice for your Atlanta, GA, home? Keep reading to learn more!

SEE ALSO: Discover Two of Our Most Popular Focal Home Speaker Lines

Discover Two of Our Most Popular Focal Home Speaker Lines Discover Two of Our Most Popular Focal Home Speaker Lines

Focal Kanta and Sopra Deliver Sublime Listening Experiences

Audio enthusiasts are a bit of a different breed. They appreciate good quality sound but demand more than the average listener. The truth is that many of today's speakers and audio systems offer excellent sound. Some of them even do it reasonably affordably. But audio aficionados want more; they want their music and audio to be a moving experience. For that, they need another level of audio. 

Focal is a French company dedicated to hi-fi sound since 1979. Known for their in-house acoustic research and innovation as well as astounding attention to aesthetic detail, Focal home speakers deliver an elevated listening experience in your Alys Beach, FL, listening room. Learn more about two of our most popular Focal speaker lines below.

Experience the Pure Sound Reproduction with Focal Home Speakers Experience the Pure Sound Reproduction with Focal Home Speakers

Focal Offers Hi-Fi Audio Solutions for Home Theaters, Whole-Home Audio Systems, and Outdoor Entertainment

Are you considering diving or gently tiptoeing into the world of home automation and high-performance audio? Maybe you’ve been scrolling through Instagram, looking at different home theater designs, or reading up on whole-home audio systems that fill your home with incredible, immersive sound. And let’s not forget the outdoor entertainment area. 

Technology has left some remarkable choices on our plates. Where do you start? That’s where we come in. GHT Group has been providing custom technology solutions in Atlanta and Marietta, GA, since 1989. We know a thing or two or three about home theater design, whole-home audio, outdoor entertainment systems, and home automation.

Which brings us to the topic at hand—focal home speakers.

Focal and Naim: Celebrating 10 Years of Exceptional Audio Performance  Focal and Naim: Celebrating 10 Years of Exceptional Audio Performance

The Focal-Naim 10th Anniversary Edition Brings Incomparable Aural Style to Home Speakers

Focal is an audio company that marches to its own tune (pun intended). The 40-year-old Saint Étienne, France-based company carries an influence in the audio world that goes far beyond the company’s size. First, most of their products are built in France in an era where audio equipment is usually designed in one country but manufactured in the far east. They also develop their own machines for manufacturing and handbuild 80% of the cones for their speakers. 

Ten years ago, Focal joined forces with Naim, a British boutique audio brand known for its excellence in audio engineering. To celebrate this “tin” anniversary, they’ve put together a Focal home speaker system powered by Naim components featuring a unique style. Read more about it below, and see how this new system could be the visual and aural centerpiece of your Marietta, GA, listening room. 

Focal Chora Speakers: Making Hi-Fi Affordable Focal Chora Speakers: Making Hi-Fi Affordable

The Chora Home Speaker Line Brings Focal Quality to More Budgets

Is it absolutely necessary to spend a fortune to enjoy high-fidelity audio quality at home? We think not, but many will differ in their opinions on what constitutes high-fidelity audio – and how much one needs to spend. But what happens when a real hi-fi company decides to make a truly excellent speaker that delivers hi-fi level performance without the nosebleed prices? We say audio lovers everywhere should rejoice and take notice.

Focal is that company, one that sells speakers as expensive as Porsche 911s. With the Chora range, they decided to make an affordable speaker line that delivers true hi-fi sound that leverages their 40-year history in acoustic research and innovation. Learn more about the Chora range below, and we welcome you to experience Focal home speakers for yourself at our Marietta showroom.

4 Ways Focal Home Speakers Stand Out from the Audio Pack 4 Ways Focal Home Speakers Stand Out from the Audio Pack

Like French Roast Coffee? You’ll Probably Like Focal Speakers

Focal is another audio company that sometimes flies under the radar. It’s not because they don’t have a broad product line or aren’t known by high-fidelity audio enthusiasts. Perhaps they don’t advertise as much as other large audio and speaker companies. Don’t let that keep you from considering this company when shopping for high-end speakers for your Buckhead, GA listening room.

Focal is based in France, a country not as high on the list as the UK when it comes to hi-fi audio. Nevertheless, the French heritage shows in the expressive style of their speakers, and design and engineering are second to none. Focal home speakers are a bit different. If you look for products that go a bit against the grain, unafraid to be different, then these speakers might just be for you. Let’s explore four ways Focal speakers separate themselves from the rest.

Experience the Best in High-End Sound with These Focal Speakers Experience the Best in High-End Sound with These Focal Speakers

Focal’s Sopra, Kanta and Aria Loudspeakers Deliver Sonic Excellence

Enjoy unprecedented audio quality, whether listening to your favorite recordings or watching the latest blockbuster release in your home theater. Our team recently became a Focal dealer serving Cumming, GA, and the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. We are excited to provide our clients with the patented acoustic technology the company has developed over the past 40 years. Focal home speakers all feature the company’s trademark inverted drivers known for their depth, range, and clarity.

The French company incorporates its acoustic innovations into headphones, bookshelf speakers, architectural speakers, and outdoor models. But it is still best known for its beautifully designed flagship loudspeakers. Here at GHT Group, we've focused on three of their premier models, which you can experience firsthand in our Marietta showroom: the Sopra, Kanta, and Aria.

High Fidelity, French Style: GHT Group Now Offers Focal Speakers High Fidelity, French Style: GHT Group Now Offers Focal Speakers

Discover the Focal Audio Difference

GHT Group is big on high-performance audio, as evidenced by some of the brands we carry – McIntosh, Klipsch Heritage, and Monitor Audio, to name a few. We're always on the lookout to offer more for our audio enthusiast clients, and we're proud to introduce our latest brand partner – Focal.

For some well-versed in high-fidelity audio, Focal needs no introduction. But others may not think of Focal when thinking about high-end audio. Focal has been making unique speakers and audio equipment since 1979, adding their distinctive design principles to home, pro, and automobile audio. The company is proud of its French heritage that shows in the stylish appearance of its products. In a world where many audio products are designed in the origin country but manufactured overseas, Focal still assembles their high-end audio products in France.

Keep reading below to learn more about Focal home speakers for your Atlanta, GA listening or media room.

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