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High Fidelity, French Style: GHT Group Now Offers Focal Speakers

Discover the Focal Audio Difference

High Fidelity, French Style: GHT Group Now Offers Focal Speakers

GHT Group is big on high-performance audio, as evidenced by some of the brands we carry – McIntosh, Klipsch Heritage, and Monitor Audio, to name a few. We're always on the lookout to offer more for our audio enthusiast clients, and we're proud to introduce our latest brand partner – Focal.

For some well-versed in high-fidelity audio, Focal needs no introduction. But others may not think of Focal when thinking about high-end audio. Focal has been making unique speakers and audio equipment since 1979, adding their distinctive design principles to home, pro, and automobile audio. The company is proud of its French heritage that shows in the stylish appearance of its products. In a world where many audio products are designed in the origin country but manufactured overseas, Focal still assembles their high-end audio products in France.

Keep reading below to learn more about Focal home speakers for your Atlanta, GA listening or media room.

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The Focal Story

Focal started as a small precision mechanics company manufacturing speaker drivers. Like any great speaker company, Focal designs and manufactures its own drivers. Focal is also one of the few audio companies that continues to invest in acoustic research to improve performance. As such, the company has developed significant proprietary expertise in the use of materials like beryllium, aluminum, and Kevlar for high rigidity, fast-reacting drivers that reproduce audio faithful to the recording. Another Focal innovation borne of their acoustic research is the inverted dome tweeter, which reduces distortion compared to typical dome tweeter designs.

High Style

Focal home speakers are designed to be as beautiful as they look. Consider the Utopia speaker line, which originally appeared in 1995. Focal speakers make a statement in any room. The Utopia line is not only available in furniture-grade light and dark woods, but it also borrows from the automotive universe in offering gorgeous metallic lacquer finishes in white, gray, green, blue, and black. Focal calls it "acoustic sculpture,” and we couldn’t agree more.


Focal’s investment in ongoing acoustic research pays off in all their speaker lines, from the very high-end Utopia to others like the Sopra and Kanta. Proprietary innovations like NIC – Neutral Inductance Circuit – allows for ultra-precise control of the voice coil to minimize distortion. TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) enables Focal to tune the all-important midrange frequencies to smoothly integrate with the bass and tweeter drivers. Using principles employed in earthquake-resistant skyscrapers and finite element analysis, Focal developed simulation software to analyze the movement of the midrange driver. The result is careful tuning for amazingly neutral sound and exemplary performance.

A Line for Every Hi-Fi Application

Focal makes a speaker line for almost every home audio application. The ultra-high-end Utopia cements the company’s technology reputation in high-fidelity audio. The Sopra, Kanta, Aria, and Chora all offer Focal’s neutral, powerful sound for two-channel to home theater applications. The common thread across all their hi-fi speaker lines is beautiful design, unique technology, and top-tier performance.


Discover the Focal line of home audio speakers that perform as beautifully as they look. To get started, contact us here, make an appointment to visit our Marietta showroom, or use the chat box below to connect with one of our audio experts quickly. We look forward to working with you! 

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