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Transform Your Wellbeing by Filling Your Home With Music

Whole-Home Audio Gives You Access to Music’s Restorative Powers in Any Room

Transform Your Wellbeing by Filling Your Home With Music

When you’re feeling down, what’s the one song that gets you feeling better? Even though the songs we turn to may differ—maybe it’s a high-energy punk anthem or nostalgic classic rock ballad—the power of music in enhancing our mood is undeniable. That's not the only way music can positively influence your lifestyle.

Below, we highlight three ways listening to music can improve your overall wellbeing. Throughout the blog, we'll also showcase ways to use the whole-home audio system in your Atlanta, GA home to embrace the power of music in every room.

What to Listen to on Your Whole Home Audio System

Comparing the Most Popular Streaming Music Services

What to Listen to on Your Whole Home Audio System

We live in a world of almost limitless content. In cable TV, an old joke was, "we have 300 channels, and there's nothing to watch." You'd be hard-pressed to make that joke today with the wonderful world of streaming content so readily available to us. With Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Apple TV+, Disney+, and so many more, it's difficult to think about not finding something you want to watch.

But this blog is about audio, not video! And the amount and range of music we can call up with a few flicks on a touchscreen are equally amazing. Today’s streaming music services boast 40 million-plus tracks of recorded music available in an instant, whether it’s from 60 years ago or today’s top hits. It’s equally difficult to imagine not being able to find some music you like to listen to on a streaming service.

You might be wondering, what's the difference in streaming services? Isn't the music library much the same? The short answer is yes. But the way you find that music, and how you interact with it is different. Some folks feel very strongly about their preference for Spotify over Apple Music or vice-versa.

So which service should you use on your whole-home audio system in Atlanta? GHT Group isn't here to tell you which one is best – that's up to you. The good news is that all the ones we'll discuss here work with whole-home audio systems we recommend like Control4.

Read on for a brief overview of five of the most popular streaming services to see which ones are for you.