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GHT Group is Roswell and metro Atlanta’s premier home theater company, designing the finest home media spaces for over 30 years. Call us at (770) 955-8909.

How to Choose Architectural Speakers for Your Home Theater

Let’s Start Here

How to Choose Architectural Speakers for Your Home Theater

Are you thinking about a new or upgraded home theater? You are likely thinking about the speakers for it. The choices are endless, more than we could possibly cover in this post. But we’re going to get you started in the right direction. 

First, you have a choice of freestanding or architectural speakers. Architectural speakers are built into walls and ceilings. How do you choose one over the other? Mostly it comes down to aesthetics. Some people like the look of speakers, but some don’t want to see them at all. Some don’t mind the powerful look of a front speaker array (left, center, and right), but like the rest of the surround sound to be integrated into walls and ceilings. 

As a longtime home theater company, there is one myth we want to dispel here from the start. You can get the same performance level from architectural speakers as freestanding ones. If you think large, bulky speakers are the only way to get exceptional sound in a home cinema, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the amazing choices in architectural high fidelity speakers for theater – and even music, for that matter. Now that we have that out of the way let’s go deeper into how to choose architectural speakers for your Roswell, GA, home theater. 

Should You DIY or Hire a Company for Your Home Theater?

We’ll Dish on the Pros and Cons

Should You DIY or Hire a Company for Your Home Theater?

Do you love DIY projects? So many people do, and everyone has their preferences and passions. For some, they're artistic; for others, mechanical, and for yet others, it might be technology and electronics. Do people DIY home theaters? Absolutely. Can it be fun? Yes, along with a few frustrations thrown in. Interestingly enough, home theaters will get you intimately involved in all the areas above, from the artistic to the electronic.

But the real question is, should you DIY a home theater in your Roswell, GA home? That decision, of course, is yours. We will present some pros and cons for you to consider. Do we have an axe to grind here? We’ll give you a hint – the HT in GHT Group stands for home theater. We’ve been one of Atlanta’s top home theater companies for over 30 years, so we’re just a little biased. But only a little. Really.

Why You Should Hire an Experienced Home Theater Company

Attention to Detail Makes All the Difference

Why You Should Hire an Experienced Home Theater Company

As we’ve written about at length on these blog pages, home theaters have never been more popular. The ongoing pandemic has forced the closure of live venues and movie theaters, making the home even more of a hub for entertainment. Homeowners have been reevaluating their media room and home theater installations, looking to add larger, up-to-date screens, more immersive audio, upgraded seating, and more.

Some people go about doing home projects by hiring a builder and letting them manage the project. Others might get more involved and hire the specific trades and subcontractors, overseeing a project more directly. How should you go about building or upgrading a home theater in your Roswell, GA home? Should you hire a home theater company like GHT Group? Keep reading for our take on the subject.

These Movies Will Make You Want to Upgrade Your Home Theater

Today’s Films Look Best with the Latest HDR Capability

These Movies Will Make You Want to Upgrade Your Home Theater

Some of you reading this may be wondering – what is HDR? We're glad you asked because this blog is for you. HDR is the acronym for high dynamic range, the feature that most differentiates the latest TV displays and projectors from models of just a few years ago.

Recently Regal Cinemas announced the closing of all their theaters in the U.S. due to the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Increasingly, home is the place to be for a great movie experience. If you are a cinephile, why not take all the money saved from expensive tickets and overpriced concessions and upgrade to the latest technology? HDR can make a tremendous difference in your picture quality, whether you use a flat panel or a projector in your media room or home theater.

As the leading home theater company in Roswell and metro Atlanta for over 30 years, you can trust GHT Group to know everything about home audio and video. Keep reading to learn more about HDR and some movies that will make the picture pop off the screen.