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Articles tagged with: Lutron

Discover Eight Different Types of Lutron Motorized Shades

There’s a Lutron Powered Shade for Almost Any Window

Discover Eight Different Types of Lutron Motorized Shades

We love motorized shades, and we wonder how anyone can get along without them. Although “shades” might be the name most often associated with the motorized variety, you could attach most other window treatment terms to motorized (or powered, if you prefer) um, shades.

The most popular motorized shades are roller types, but one company goes way beyond those. Lutron is a world leader in lighting control as well as powered window treatments. Lutron’s mission is all about managing and controlling light, and regulating natural light is a big part of that.

If you didn’t know there were so many possibilities with Lutron shades for your Buckhead, GA home, you should definitely read the rest of this blog!

Get Ready for Halloween with Lutron Lighting Control

Spook it Up This Halloween with Smart and Scary Lighting

Get Ready for Halloween with Lutron Lighting Control

We’ve talked plenty in our blog about how lighting control and smart home automation makes your life easier, more convenient, and even safer. But how about a dose of some good old fashioned fun?  

Halloween is right around the corner, and while it's fun for the kids, consuming that much candy may not be conducive to good health in adults. However, we do have our toys – tools like Lutron lighting control to make our house the scariest on the block. So, besides all the convenience and efficiency that lighting control can bring to your Buckhead, GA home, let’s explore the fun side for Halloween!

How to Go Hands-Free with Lutron Lighting Control

Lutron’s Versatile No-Touch Controls Make Managing Lighting a Snap

How to Go Hands-Free with Lutron Lighting Control

Yes, the pandemic is still with us, and as tiring as it may be, maintaining health and safety habits will go a long way to ensure its tenure in Georgia will last no longer than necessary. One of those healthy habits – in any environment and time – is to keep hands clean and oft-used surfaces germ-free.

Light switches and controls are a high-touch area that likely few think of as potential sources of germs. No, you don't necessarily need to remove them or cover them up with tape. Fortunately, Lutron lighting control solutions provide multiple ways of controlling your lights that involve touching nothing at all. Now there’s a high-tech approach to keeping your Sandy Springs home a little safer for you and your family in these challenging times. Keep reading for three simple ways to make managing your lighting touch-free.

5 Reasons Why Lutron Powered Shades Are a Great Investment

Discover How Lutron Shades Stand Out from the Pack

5 Reasons Why Lutron Powered Shades Are a Great Investment

You may think motorized shades sound like a luxury. Indeed, they are luxurious. However, onetime luxuries are now essentials and staples. When is the last time you cranked down a manual car window? Exactly, that’s what we thought.

Adding power to window treatments and shades are far more practical than power windows in automobiles. In a car, it's mostly about convenience, but motorized shades have real efficiency and even safety benefits.

When it comes to motorized shades, one name stands out – Lutron. Our favorite lighting control brand is also one of the premier vendors for powered shades and window treatments. Read on for four reasons why Lutron shades are not just a luxury for your Roswell, GA, home; they are also an excellent investment.