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5 Top Tips from Expert Lighting Designers for a Luminous Home

See Your Home in a Whole New Light

5 Top Tips from Expert Lighting Designers for a Luminous Home

Do you see beautiful pictures of home interiors and sometimes wonder why yours doesn’t quite look as good? You may have better decor and furnishings, but somehow it doesn’t come through. It might be the light. Just as the perfect photograph depends on expertly applied lighting, your home can look far better with the right illumination.

To help you see your Marietta, GA, home in the right light, we’ve assembled four top tips from expert lighting designers to get you started. Keep reading below!

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Don’t Overdo It

No one likes dark and underlit spaces. On the other hand, too much light is also problematic. Common mistakes lighting designers often see are one overly bright fixture for a space or too many fixtures. You can create what designers call "glare bombs," causing a room to be potentially fatiguing. Think carefully about fixture choices and what each one needs to accomplish.

Variety is the Spice of Light

The key to an artfully illuminated space is variety. It's not just about the overhead cans, table lamps, sconces, or chandeliers. It's the creativity in putting all these together to create a beautiful space. But, remember, too much is not good either. Find the balance, and choose lighting for both form and function. 

Layer the Light

Lighting designers talk about layered lighting strategies, where the types of lights and their design come together to create the right illumination for any activity. Layered lighting encompasses ambient, task, accent, and decorative lighting elements to create practical and beautiful spaces. Nowhere is this approach more important than in the multipurpose and oh-so-important kitchen. 

It’s Not Just About the Fixture

Sometimes the search for the perfect pendant, chandelier, or sconce becomes all-consuming. Which one blends perfectly with the colors or decor? Or the furniture? That is very important, but you should also consider the light they cast. How does it make your finishes look? What ambiance does it create in the space? The most incredibly beautiful fixture will fall short if the light it casts doesn’t fit. 

Consult an Expert

Is this tip a bit self-serving? Sure, but it’s not easy to evaluate lighting. Experts can help select lighting that works together and understand the vagaries of color temperature and color rendering indexes. Do you know how many lumens you need or want in a given space? That’s the stock in trade for lighting designers and integrators, leaving you to focus on design choices. 


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