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Articles in Category: Home Automation Atlanta GA

What Does the Future Hold for Home Automation?

Will it Be a Jetsons Utopia or an AI Nightmare?

What Does the Future Hold for Home Automation?

While the current generation of kids may not know the Jetsons, it left a lasting impression on those that watched the cartoon in the 1960s and in many years of syndication after that. It promised a world of flying cars, robots, holograms, drones, and video calls. Guess what? We have all of those today, sans the flying cars. If we can get the coming generation of self-driving cars to run on real streets without crashing into each other, perhaps they can take flight next.

If the imagination behind the Jetsons was a portent of things to come, then what do the next 50 years hold for the future of home automation in Atlanta and around the world? Braced with the knowledge we have today, and given some of what we’ve seen in technology the past few years, we’re going to make some fearless prognostications about the next few years. Perhaps in a couple of years, we'll circle back and see what we got right and wrong!