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Why Do Maserati and BMW offer Bowers & Wilkins Speakers? Why Do Maserati and BMW offer Bowers & Wilkins Speakers?

Because High-Performance Cars Need High-Performance Audio

Have you ever driven a BMW 5, 6, or 7 Series or Volvo XC60 or S90 with a B&W sound system? Or perhaps enjoyed the glorious soundtrack of a Maserati Levante Ferrari-built engine along with the equally sonic Bowers & Wilkins sound system? If you’re fortunate enough to have a McLaren 570 in your auto collection, you also have the audio system that is a match for that supercar.

The common point among these high-end auto companies is that they all partnered with Bowers & Wilkins to offer the ultimate car audio system that matches the performance level of the car. In car audio, sometimes a famous brand name is attached to the sound system to add brand cachet, but underneath the system is not differentiated from others by any unique engineering. Not so with Bowers & Wilkins. With each of these companies, B&W worked directly with the auto interior design teams to tailor the sound system specifically to the car’s acoustics, while incorporating unique technologies of their home audio products for the best possible sound reproduction.

Georgia Home Theater does not sell car audio, but of course, we sell high-end home audio. If you are looking for high-performance speakers for your Sandy Springs or Metro Atlanta home audio system, Georgia Home Theater is an authorized dealer for Bowers & Wilkins speakers. So, if you happen to have experienced the excellence of B&W in a car, you are in for a treat at home.