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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your High-Performance Audio Gear 3 Reasons to Upgrade Your High-Performance Audio Gear

You May Need to or Just Want to

Does anyone need expensive high-performance audio equipment? It would likely fit – if at all –  into Maslow’s hierarchy of needs at the highest level, self-actualization. Translating Maslow’s top motivation to audio, It’s the desire to get the best audio quality you can possibly have or afford. For enthusiasts, high-performance audio is a hobby where getting to the next level makes them happy, just like golf and other endeavors sometimes become borderline yet satisfying obsessions. 

What makes an audio enthusiast excited? A new piece of gear that will add that je ne sais quoi improvement factor to his system. Let’s look at three reasons the Atlanta audio aficionado might want to upgrade a part or all of their system.