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Articles tagged with: Home Theater Layout

Want to Get the Most Out of Your Home Theater Installation?

If You Haven’t Tried Video Games, You May Be Missing Out

Want to Get the Most Out of Your Home Theater Installation?

A home theater can be a significant investment. A large screen, the audio system, lighting, control, and seating can all add up. Granted, your home theater doesn’t have to be just for movie watching. It can be the place for Netflix binges, sports, gathering together to watch presidential candidates debate, and more.

However, sometimes all this content doesn’t take full advantage of everything your Marietta home theater installation can do. If you've invested in multichannel Dolby Atmos sound and the latest projector or 4K TV with HDR, you want to take advantage of it! Yet many streaming and cable TV offerings don’t use these features. Some movie and show soundtracks don’t use the surround audio channels much, and many are not mastered for the high-contrast imagery that HDR can display.

You might be surprised at what we’ll suggest. Try video games!  Even if you’re not a gamer, you might be blown away by the storylines, cinematic presentation, and incredible use of sound that comes with the best of today’s titles.

Do You Enjoy Netflix in Your Home Theater?

Sony Has the Perfect Way to Watch Netflix

Do You Enjoy Netflix in Your Home Theater?

Netflix is one of those internet institutions that is now ingrained in popular culture, and not just in the U.S. Younger viewers may not even realize that the company started as the internet alternative to Blockbuster video rentals, shipping physical discs conveniently to your home and doing away with the dreaded late fees.

These days, of course, Netflix is the 800-pound gorilla of internet video streaming, with a seemingly endless array of titles to watch. Moreover, they have become a force in Hollywood, financing many original movies and shows that can be viewed by audiences more massive than ever before, and garnering multiple Golden Globe and Oscar wins.

If you have a media room or home theater installation in your Atlanta, GA home, chances are you have a few Netflix favorites. It doesn’t hurt that Netflix has also been ahead of the curve in adopting the most advanced audio and video technologies in their original content like 4K, Dolby Atmos surround sound, and Dolby Vision that make great use of the latest AV equipment. And if you love Netflix, you'll love it even more with the newest feature Sony includes in its latest TVs and projectors. Read on to learn more.

Get the Most from Your New 4K Sony Projector

Watch Movies in Full Widescreen Glory with Panamorph Lenses

Get the Most from Your New 4K Sony Projector

Does your home theater suffer from the “black bar syndrome?” Fortunately, it’s a curable video malady. We are joking here a little, but let us explain.

Without a doubt, if you watch movies at all, you have noticed the black bars that often appear on the top and bottom of the screen. The reason for this is that the majority of flat panel and most projector screens are in 16:9 format, which refers to the ratio of the screen width to its height. Over 70% of Hollywood films made for theatrical release are shot in widescreen format, which is a 2.4:1 aspect ratio. This format, sometimes referred to as anamorphic, is wider than it is high. To fit the film on your screen without skewing it (distorting the image by making it taller), you get the black bars to fill the unused space on your screen. 

What is the problem with that? If you have a 120-inch screen, for example, in your Atlanta theater or media room, you are not getting 120 inches of picture. And if you’ve recently invested in a superb Sony projector with native 4K resolution, you are effectively getting 3K instead of 4K.

3K is not what you bargained for, especially if you like to watch cinematic films. Fortunately, as we mentioned, there is a cure. Special lenses from Panamorph, compatible with Sony projectors and all of the best theater screen brands, can cure the black bar syndrome.

Read on to see how Panamorph lenses help get the most from your Sony 4K projector image.

A Movie Server: The Ultimate Home Theater Upgrade

Enjoy the Best Movie Audio and Video Experience with Kaleidescape

A Movie Server: The Ultimate Home Theater Upgrade

You have undoubtedly had a collection of favorite movies at some point in your life. Depending on when you started your collection, those movies may have been on VHS tapes, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs. Of course, today, you can have digital collections be stored on a computer or in the cloud through a digital service.

We all know VHS tapes are long obsolete, and DVDs are stuck with video resolution from the 20th century. Blu-ray discs are still viable, and the best quality format is UltraHD (4K) Blu-ray. With the convenience of streaming from Netflix, Amazon Video, and a host of other services, people are accustomed to the satisfaction of searching for content and watching immediately.

Physical media like UltraHD Blu-ray has always had the advantage of the best playback quality. The 4K video and uncompressed audio are unencumbered by the compression necessary to stuff the many bits required for a high-quality video into the network pipe that flows into your home. Even an HD Blu-ray rivals or often exceeds the quality of a 4K stream over the internet, both in audio and video performance.

Are we telling you to stop streaming and to buy a disc player? No, but we are saying that if you have a high-end home theater, you will want a high level of performance; there is another option for your Buckhead home – a Kaleidescape movie server. Read on to see why it’s the perfect addition to your home theater installation.