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Articles in Category: Landscape Lighting Installation

How to Do Landscape Lighting Installation the Right Way

Avoid These Common Mistakes in Your Florida Home

How to Do Landscape Lighting Installation the Right Way

Is landscape lighting easy? If you are a wiz at home projects, perhaps it is. But like most things, there's a right and wrong way to approach it. You probably know that DIYer in your Freeport, FL neighborhood that's very proud of their landscape lighting installation. You know, the house where you have to don your sunglasses when you pass it at night? You don't want that landscape lighting. 

In all seriousness, there’s an art and a science to all lighting design, indoors and outdoors. In this blog, we'll tell you what you might want to avoid. And if you just want someone to do it for you – the right way – GHT Group is glad to help!

5 Top Landscape Lighting Tips from Expert Installers

How to Use Outdoor Lighting for Maximum Effect

5 Top Landscape Lighting Tips from Expert Installers

Lighting indoors and out is a critical element of your home. As you know, it's a functional need for visibility, safety, and a host of reasons. And there's an aesthetic side, as lighting adds panache and flair, bringing out all the beauty and detail in a home.

Although many people like to go DIY with landscape lighting, professional designers and installers have years of training and experience in avoiding many pitfalls. In this blog, we've put together five top landscape lighting installation tips from the experts that help you think about outdoor lighting for your Atlanta, GA, home. 

Enhance Your Stay-at-Home Experience and Safety With Lighting

Beautify Your Buckhead Home with a Landscape Lighting Installation

Enhance Your Stay-at-Home Experience and Safety With Lighting

Note: We originally wrote this blog in 2018, long before anyone started talking about this novel coronavirus that affects so many lives now. Now more than ever, it feels relevant to discuss how we can make our outdoor spaces more enjoyable for our families. And when this pandemic passes, we will finally get to enjoy our outdoor lighting and video with extended groups of people once again.

Many people know about Coastal Source’s many outdoor audio options but don’t know that it’s also a premier home lighting design provider. In this blog, we’ll remind you of the beauty and functionality built into outdoor lighting and why you should prioritize it for your Georgia home. You’ll learn how a Coastal Source system can highlight your architecture so that passers-by can appreciate it on their nightly walks through the neighborhood. You’ll also discover why lighting control is a key safety feature. Keep reading to explore why lighting and audio are even more important today than when we originally wrote this article.

4 Tips for a Safe Fall Season with Landscape Lighting

Enhance Outdoor Beauty and Safety with a Landscape Lighting Installation

4 Tips for a Safe Fall Season with Landscape Lighting

We’re in the middle of summer in Atlanta, so why are we talking about fall? Before you know it, the days will be shorter and the evenings longer. We’ve discussed the benefits of landscape lighting, especially for entertaining in the warmer months, but outdoor lighting can pay big dividends all year long. 

They say a well-lit home is a safer home. Just as a city streetlight makes pedestrians feel safer and keeps villains away, installing landscape lighting on your Atlanta property can make it safer. Not only that, it can enhance curb appeal too, highlighting features at night and creating a whole new outdoor ambiance.

Read on to learn four ways landscape lighting can make your home safer as the daylight fades this fall season.