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4 Tips for a Safe Fall Season with Landscape Lighting

Enhance Outdoor Beauty and Safety with a Landscape Lighting Installation

4 Tips for a Safe Fall Season with Landscape Lighting

We’re in the middle of summer in Atlanta, so why are we talking about fall? Before you know it, the days will be shorter and the evenings longer. We’ve discussed the benefits of landscape lighting, especially for entertaining in the warmer months, but outdoor lighting can pay big dividends all year long. 

They say a well-lit home is a safer home. Just as a city streetlight makes pedestrians feel safer and keeps villains away, installing landscape lighting on your Atlanta property can make it safer. Not only that, it can enhance curb appeal too, highlighting features at night and creating a whole new outdoor ambiance.

Read on to learn four ways landscape lighting can make your home safer as the daylight fades this fall season. 

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Lighting Scenes

Predefined scenes automated with a lighting control system are one of the simplest ways to make your outdoor space safer. You can have a specific set of outdoor lights come on at sunset and go off at sunrise. Motion sensors can also turn on lights along walking paths and by doorways when someone steps outside, ensuring no one trips over an unseen object. Unlike simple motion-activated lights, with a lighting control system you can precisely control which lights come on, their intensity, how long they stay on, and with the right LED bulbs you can even control the color of the light. 

Bullet and Path Lighting

Path lights lay close to the ground and are excellent for lighting dark, stone, or winding pathways. Sometimes paths are steep, or stone is uneven, or it may be slippery when wet. Path lights help people see where they’re going. Bullet light can be stake-mounted strategically along pathways and in other areas, casting a wider glow of light for safety. Both types of lighting not only enhance safety, but they can highlight the beautiful features of your home and landscaping.

Lip and Step Lighting

Dark stairs on decks, patios, or paths are an accident waiting to happen. Lip lights can be mounted in hard to reach areas - like underneath railings - to add visibility, and they are an elegant accent feature. Step lights serve a similar purpose, and can be mounted horizontally on step rises or along the sides of stairs to illuminate the way. Not only does a softly lit set of steps add safety but it also adds to the style of your outdoor area. 

Well and Hanging Lights

Well and hanging lights are primarily used for accenting landscape features like trees. Well lights sit low on the ground and beam light upward, adding dramatic effects to a beautiful tree. While your tree is illuminated, your property is well lit and less tempting to villains. Hanging lights mount on tree branches, and with the correct color temperature bulbs, can simulate the moonlight on a dark and moonless night. Not only is look of your yard improved but with everything well lit, it’s safer.

Add curb appeal and safety this fall with a new landscape lighting design and installation. Georgia Home Theater works with Coastal Source, Lutron, and other brands to offer the best landscape lighting solutions in the Atlanta area.  Please visit our showrooms, call us at (770) 955-8909, or click the button below to connect with us right away. We look forward to working with you.

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