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Articles in Category: Interior Lighting Design Company

Work with an interior lighting design company for lighting solutions that blend the latest control technology with the latest design trends. Learn more here.

5 Lighting Design Tips for a Brighter, More Inviting Kitchen

Make Your Kitchen Shine with Layered Lighting

5 Lighting Design Tips for a Brighter, More Inviting Kitchen

Kitchens are such an important space in the home. The kitchen is the hub of the modern home, a place that transcends food preparation. It’s a gathering place for the family, a social space for family and friends, a place for homework, school projects, and so much more. And of course, cooking and enjoying food.

If there’s a part of a home that can benefit from the right lighting design, it's the kitchen. So how can you make sure your kitchen is both a useful and inviting place? Of course, lighting isn't the only tool, but it can play a huge role in going from a merely average to a great kitchen where everyone hangs out. Here are five tips for elevating your kitchen illumination from the pros at GHT Group, Alpharetta, and Metro Atlanta’s premier interior lighting design company.

What an Interior Lighting Design Company Can Do for You

From Innovative LED Lighting to Control, GHT Group Does It All

What an Interior Lighting Design Company Can Do for You

One thing in a home that sometimes doesn't get as much attention as it should is the lighting. Lighting can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a home. Sometimes it’s subtle; an interior may just feel right, and you might think it’s the finishes, layout, or furnishings. But lighting can affect the way you see and notice all those things.

Anyone can choose fixtures, lamps, and lighting styles for a home’s interior. But how do you make sure you have enough lighting, not too much lighting, and the right type of lighting – both for task and ambiance – in each space? That’s where a professional can help. As one of metro Atlanta’s premier interior lighting design companies, GHT Group can be your full-service lighting partner for your Georgia home.

Keep reading to see how a professional lighting company can assist with your home lighting design.

Elevate Your Interior Design with Elegant Lutron Lighting Keypads

From Retro to Modern, Marry Control with Style

Elevate Your Interior Design with Elegant Lutron Lighting Keypads

We always say that lighting should be part of a well-thought-out interior design. Surprisingly, sometimes lighting is thought of functionally but not aesthetically. But if you’re a design professional, we’re preaching to the converted; you understand the importance of light and its effects on your projects.

A great lighting scheme for a home involves many facets, from the fixtures for function and aesthetics to control. As one of Georgia's premier home technology and interior lighting design companies with a showroom in Marietta, we think of all the details, including the last lighting mile (or perhaps foot?). The touchpoints for light control can and should be an integral part of the lighting design for a home. And that brings us to the subject of this blog: two exquisite choices in lighting keypads from Lutron, the industry leader in lighting control. Please keep reading!