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Is the McIntosh MA9500 the Perfect Integrated Amp? Is the McIntosh MA9500 the Perfect Integrated Amp?

The MA9500 Is Analog and Digital Audio Bliss

In the world of high-end audio, most innovation is evolution rather than revolution. This isn’t to say there’s no innovation in hi-fi today—far from it. But the analog technology side of hi-fi is tried and true, and it doesn’t change that much from year to year. That’s why Mcintosh Audio, on its website, says that the lifespan of its components sometimes exceeds human ones. And they’re not exaggerating. Decades-old McIntosh amplifiers are passed down in families and prized by lovers of vintage audio.

Digital audio technology, however, changes more rapidly. In the past few years, high-resolution digital formats have evolved, and so has the HDMI connection standard, to name a couple. Streaming has become the standard for daily music enjoyment over digital downloads and physical media. So, it’s possible that a digital audio product from 10 years ago isn’t up to date in 2022.

McIntosh Audio doesn’t like to design products that last only a few years. That’s one reason that they have devised an upgrade path for the digital connections and capabilities of their integrated products. That’s one of the things that makes the new MA9500 integrated amplifier stand out. The analog side of this powerful amp is ready for decades of use, McIntosh style. And the digital connectivity and processing side is upgradeable when you need it down the road.

As a premier McIntosh dealer in Alpharetta and Metro Atlanta, GHT Group is excited to see this product evolution, as an integrated amp like the MA9500 might be the last one you ever need to buy for your listening room! Of course, we would hope to see you again.

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